Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Engagement Pictures

Since it’s been a while since my most recent (and super negative) post I thought I’d catch everyone up with my life!

The other weekend we took engagement pictures, here are a few of my faves!

A special thanks to Elissa for saying my boobs look hot in this picture :)

Someone from work said this picture looks like a still from a movie!


Jack Trice Stadium!

Can I just say that it’s really super freaking awkward to pretend to be a model? It’s going to be extremely hard on the big day to smile for everyone ALL DAY!

In addition to taking engagement pictures I joined the YMCA! I’ve gotta say that I’m really excited because first of all, it costs almost $30 less than the other gym I went to before (only caveat is the location) and the gym itself has this really cool “workout generator” called ActivTrax. The whole thing is really simple, after meeting with a gym expert (whatever their title is) you do a strength test on some very basic machines ie chest press, leg lifts etc. Then you plug the weight and reps you were able to do in the machine and voila! You have yourself a full body workout at your disposal!

The thing that I especially like about this system is that they made it dummy (read: Elizabeth) proof. They number the weight machines so when they say “chest press” you don’t have to wander around and try to find the machine that you’re supposed to use. They say #14 and you go to that piece of equipment, select the weight that ActivTrax generated for you and then just work out.

So now I have the G part down in my GTL… don’t expect me to do laundry any time soon though! Or tanning for that matter.