Friday, July 2, 2010

Funny Friday!

Happy Friday to all and to all a Happy 4th of July! May your weekend be filled with fireworks, fun, grilling, swimming, accompanied by gorgeous weather!

My plans? Well thanks for asking - I just bought tickets to go to a Cubs game this weekend. I'm not one with much desire to watch sports but I do enjoy the beer drinking and hot dogs! Besides, my fiance had never been to a game at Wrigley Field so I thought it would be fun to treat him to a day of sports since I so often veto watching ESPN in favor of watching some show that he has no vested interest in. But who doesn't watch Pretty Little Liars now? For my own sanity I'm going to assume you all do enjoy this show about 16 year olds as much as I do.

This picture is super blurry but something really funny I found on today. I'll transcribe the status update in case it comes out blurry on the blog:
I'm going to take a picture of my firstborn and use age progression software to figure out what he'll look like when he's 16. Then I'm goin gto fram the picture and keep it as a centerpiece in our house, something he'll grow up looking at. Then when the appropriate time comes, and he realizes that the picture is of him, I'm going to try and convince him that he is a time traveler.
So the deposit has officially been put down for the location for our wedding reception! This is a big celebration as it means that we've finally set the date!! Just a little over a year from now left til I'm a Mrs. Word on the street is that we may have a very special guest at our reception and I really hope that they can come! I think it would be a treat for everyone!!
Other wedding related news is minimal - except that I'm now officially addicted to reading the articles on I'm trying to find out what might be a nice wedding favor and how we can decorate the tables.
Food & Exercise related news: I'm getting quite sick of hard boiled egg whites - as should be expected. I just liked the amount of protein and how full they made me feel... Gotta find something else healthy and filling to eat at breakfast. I've worked out now 3 days this week and plan on going tonight after work. Probably doing some light lifting and maybe some cardio - but I'm going to keep it short. My weekend is screaming at me to go have some fun!
Question of the day: What are you doing this weekend to celebrate the 4th?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hey guys, not sure if we discussed what an NSV is or maybe you forgot, but it's a "non-scale victory". I am wearing a pair of work pants today that I haven't worn in at least 3 years. I tried them on by accident today thinking they were another pair and they fit!! So I'm definitely feeling pretty proud of myself today.

Also, I was having a rough day yesterday but kept a clear head about myself when it came to dinner. My fiance and I decided to go out to eat and then go shopping. The decision came down to Red Robin which if you've read any "worst food in america" list you'll find at least one Red Robin entree on there. I didn't opt for the salad but just ordered chili instead, no calorie dense hamburgers for this girl. Checking out the calories just now I know it was a good choice (425 for a bowl) but I scraped off the tortilla chips and cheddar cheese that accompanied it. This wasn't too hard to live without, I often find myself omitting cheese on sandwiches and salads because I don't see the point of the extra calories. If I want something cheesy, it better be chicago deep dish or something similar in order for me to actually appreciate the cheese!

That's all I'm going to write today, I just wanted to share my good mood instead of sharing what I ate in boring detail.