Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Running Tab

Some fun things Nolan is doing/saying nowadays:

  1. The other day I got him a donut at the grocery store because we had no food/milk for breakfast so I needed to make the trip... he remembers where the donuts are stored because last time I went to the store with him I let him down and he walked straight to it and pointed at a chocolate frosted with sprinkle donut that he claimed as his own. 
  2. He used to say "downstairs" and "upstairs" with relative ease, but now when he says either it sounds like he's saying "houses" 
  3. Every time we hold him he's trying to give us more and more guidance "da-way!" with a quick point gives us the idea of what he's trying to get us to do
  4. Similarly, if he wants us to do something he hold out his hand and goes "han" and expects us to drop everything to hold hands. Recent things include going to the park and also going "houses" to watch a "vee" (movie)
  5. He loves the Lego Movie. 
  6. Yesterday we went to the park and I took off my shoes because it was hot and he wanted to do it too. When I put mine back on he flipped out because he wanted us both to be barefoot
  7. He says "owie" a little too much... he's not actually hurting but he's just not getting his way
  8. While his vocabulary/speech is really doing quite well (in my opinion) he still finds it difficult to communicate with us sometimes leaving him stressed out and seconds away from tantrums
  9. Finally (for today) - the most cute thing he's been doing recently is saying "hug" whenever he wants to be held. It's cute because how can you resist a 2 year old holding his arms out going "hug-hug!" or hearing him wake up and ask for a hug. The problem is that means he needs to be held, not a quick hug and be done! My arms are too tired!
Bad mommy alert here, I've been severely bad at taking bump pics this go around but I'm going to try and step up my game for the rest of this pregnancy. 

Pregnancy symptoms include getting extremely winded when going up stairs... especially when holding a toddler who needs to be "hugged" at the moment. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hot and Cold

Hot: This morning I got free coffee at Dunkin. Holy baloney. Seriously? I go through the drive through because this happened early this morning after a storm in the middle of the night:

And they were all "yeah it's free coffee week and you don't have to pay." 

Cold: Got to work and found out the tshirts I submitted to trademarking didn't pass the requirements for ISU.

Hot: Had lunch with T -  ordered Panera. Was yummy!

Cold: Got back to work and a faculty placed a crap ton of stuff on my desk that I didn't need... he didn't need it either but thought we should keep it just in case... and be we he meant I should hold on to it.

So I got a little grumpy. It's almost as if a day of "colds" would be better than the juxtaposition of the hot and cold throughout the morning and afternoon. Now I'm tired and ready to go home. 

Yesterday, Brian texted me that Nolan had crocodile tears because when they got home I wasn't there and he was really sad about that. #thingsthatbreakyourheart

Also, and this is more scary, yesterday morning Nolan was playing on me (nothing unusual) but basically jumped on me knee first into the old ute-region. Scared the crap out of me and I called the doctor's to see what I should do. Basically they told me that baby is all cushioned in there and that I should just pay attention to feeling movements and stuff. Today, probably in part due to the caffeine, I've felt baby jumping and kicking all day long. The kicks have been super reassuring during the day and in spite of all the reasons to be grumpy I know that I've got so much to be happy about.

The doppler has been a huge help in keeping me sane during these first few weeks - but it seems like lately I've been using it 2x a day. I work up at 4:00 due to the storm and had a heart attack thinking I didn't feel pregnant anymore. I got up and went to the bathroom and my stomach didn't quite feel right. Brian woke up too as I scrambled for the doppler and the gel and found the heartbeat. Not quite satisfied with just hearing it, I needed to know it was fast enough so I scrambled my phone out and pulled up the stop watch app and timed 10 seconds while counting the whoosh-whooshes. It was in the 140s which is good and completely normal. Definitely reassuring. 

We're officially less than a week until our anatomy scan! I can't wait!!!