Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ok, quick blerb here - I weighed in my first official weigh in since I started back on weight watchers.

DOWN 5.2 POUNDS, yeah that's right, in ONE WEEK!

I know that it's not healthy to maintain losses like that, I'm really shooting for 1-2 each week. I guess this is really working for me so far though.

Challenges this week - The weekend...
I have plans to get either dinner or drinks or both with an old co-worker tomorrow night, this usually means 7 beers.
I have plans on Saturday to drink with some friends too at my place...
Well, here's the game plan - as hard as this is going to be, I'm going to shoot for no more than 4 beers each night. This will help me 2 ways - first, no empty calories from beer, second, fewer "bad decisions" (ie eating 4 slices of pizza).

So yeah, week 1 - a HUGE success!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Holding Myself Accountable

Ok- here's a public confession... I'm starting weight watchers... I know as I'm typing this that this admission is going to make it hard to hit that "publish post" button taunting me. I know it's going to be hard to admit publicly because there are many people I'm close to that I haven't told personally.

My goal in writing this blog today is to come forth and admit what is often times an inner struggle, by turning this into common knowledge it will result in my being held accountable on a regular basis. If you know anything about weight watchers, you have two options but each involve a weekly weigh in: The first choice and most commonly known is the meeting, you weigh in and some stranger records your weight and it goes into their computer, they give you a sticker with your weight on it and it says how you're doing overall and how you've changed since last weigh in. The second choice is using their online etools and weighing yourself at home. I have chosen to attend the weekly meetings and I hereby decree that my blog will be updated weekly.

So there you have it, family and friends who read this blog! You're now in the know.

I've decided that in this "journey" I will NOT admit my actual weight, so if that's what's kept you reading then I'm sorry. What I do plan on blogging about on a weekly basis is my ups and downs (hopefully downs) and write about what I plan to do the next week, especially considering those personal challenges (ie birthdays, pizza parties at work, family visiting and taking me to Giordanos).

Week 1 - So far so good, I weighed in on Friday morning and with nothing to compare it to, I guess I'm at 0 right now. I've been good so far, counting and tracking my points. I even went out with my boyfriend to a bar crawl and was able have a few beers! Halla! (Ummm cuz I'm not going to stop drinking, eating ice cream or doritos - If I do I may just go crazy!)

Oh, I forgot to mention - this time around I actually told my boyfriend I'm doing this! What he doesn't know is that I've actually been on weight watchers before and did really well, (testing, testing... does my boyfriend read my blog? If you're "salty", bring this up next time I see you) it was my super senior year of college and I really enjoyed it. Part of why I think it worked for me was because my roommate, Erick, was aware that I was going to weight watchers and really looking forward to the results. I shared with him when I gained/lost pretty regularly - being held accountable by him was partly why I think I did so well before. Why I stopped, well that's another story.

So that's about it for week one so far. I suppose it's a little early in the game but I'm looking forward to next weeks weigh in to tell you how I did! Hopefully good news... yikes - the pressure is on! Till next time...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Measured in LOVE!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! I’m about to turn another year older – wait… that doesn’t make sense… I better rethink my wording.

I’ve come a long way in my 26 years of life, I mean just last year I didn’t have a blog if that has any indication of how much more awesome I’ve become. I also learned to walk and talk and stuff but I did most of that learning in the first 5 years of my life so the subsequent 21 years seem to be mostly learning life lessons such as:

-When your dumb (now ex) boyfriend cheats on you with his ex, don’t take his pathetic ass back!

-Tailgating is to college students as ice cream is to 7 year olds.

As of late, my biggest accomplishments have been moving to Chicago. Getting a “real” job and actually paying off the 5 year party that was my time in Ames. Sometimes I think these accomplishments aren’t all that much. What I should really do is make one of those “bucket lists” except my deadline will be 30 instead of death (kind of one in the same if you ask this 26 year old!). But I don’t want to come off like every sitcom since 1982 (they all have that episode, Friends: The One Where Everyone Turns 30)

This year for my birthday I’m celebrating at my fave karaoke bar in Chicago, Trader Todds. I love being the birthday girl at karaoke, people are encouraged to get drunk, sing and then give me shout outs while on the mic! Ahh, I’m really living the life!

I created an evite for the occasion and you can color me impressed that I actually have 12 RSVP’s yes. Not that I’m a loner or anything but it’s been slightly less of a party in Chicago than it was in Ames when I used to go drinking just about every night if I didn’t have to be up before 9:00 the next day (so just about most nights) and those along for the ride were about 50 of my closest friends who were pretty much the regulars at Chasers on Thursday nights.

The reason for this reflection is for once not due to nostalgia of my college days but more for the fact that I actually have a group of people in this city that want to hang out rather than just 2 years ago when all I did on my birthday was be yelled at at work go get a pedicure and then go to bed at a reasonable hour. So in advance of what will undoubtedly be a fun night, THANK YOU to all of my awesome friends that are coming and making this a special day!

Side Note: Seasons of Love just came on my Pandora playlist, “How do you measure a year?” – pretty spooky!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years Resolutions

-I resolve to not make an actual resolution I don't intend on keeping.

-I resolve to learn the moves to any Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus song that has learnable steps

-I resolve to start giving people creative nicknames, and furthermore make them so catchy that people use them on a regular basis

-I resolve to start planning a dream vacation

-I resolve to call more people than just my boyfriend every day (gah, am I THAT girl?)

-I resolve to become more fashionable

-I resolve to start listening to new music, particularly music that gets me excited in the mornings

-I resolve to stop chewing gum cuz I think it's wearing on my jaw :(

-I resolve to be more awesome

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well that was a fantastic New Years Eve, eh? Eh??? Well I suppose it's about time to spill the beans that I HATE NYE! I celebrated by boycotting the event and being in bed around 11:50pm. I did, however, have champagne - because that's about the only reason that it's cool to celebrate NYE.

I have to apologize for missing about 3 weeks worth of awesome writing, I know I need to do this more and believe me I have been inspired but due to a lack of time plus shear laziness, I took a bit of a break!

Since I last wrote to everyone, I went to my hometown for Christmas with the fam, and actually on Christmas can you believe it! I took off 2.5 days for the occasion resulting in a 6 day weekend for me. That's a lot of playing with cute niece/nephews!

I've got a choppy writing style today so I'm gonna call it a quits and start watching Wedding Singer on TV. Happy Sunday!