Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Third Tri!

The third tri is finally here! Wahoooooooo!

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Thanks, Gaga
Now I'm getting antsy! I want to have more milestones, more things to look forward to... more things to break apart this pregnancy into short pieces that are much more manageable.

With 91 days to go I have the upcoming milestones:
  • The Glucose Tolerance Test - where I drink narsty kool-aid stuff to see if I have GESTATIONAL DIABETES (on Monday)

  • 35/35 - This isn't your grandma's milestone. Nope... this is when I'm at 35 weeks and have only 35 days to go. That's about 53 days away! (GASP!)
  • Full Term - At 37 weeks... sooo yeah... 10 weeks from today!
Even though I'm seriously excited about these upcoming dates - I'm getting more and more tempted to do an elective ultrasound. But they's pricey. 

Is it worth it to spend (gulp) $100-200 for an elective ultrasound... that lasts like 10-30 minutes depending on which package you choose. I already know the answer to this... 

Monday, April 8, 2013


So I know that planning a vacation is kind of a ways away... in fact - pretty much any time that I'm not busy to the point of tears is quite a ways away after having our baby. But I'm so excited to plan the next big trip with the husband.

Of course in looking over pictures on facebook today, a friend of mine was tagged in a picture of the bikes/canals/houses of Amsterdam.

The hubs and I decided that every 5 years for our anniversary that we're going to do a big "honeymoon-esque" vacation and since he got to pick going to Mexico in 2011 for our real honeymoon, he gave me ownership of planning our next big vacation.

Hands down Amsterdam is the most beautiful city that I have visited in Europe and want to go back. Since we have some time to plan our trip I plan to make it awesome... what about GERMANY and AMSTERDAM in one trip? Maybe 7-10ish days of traveling total? In the SUMMER when it's not bloody freezing. Who cares if it costs a little bit more to travel then? Seriously... we only are going on a big vacation once every 5 years (and mini-ones in between... don't worry - we'll leave the house eventually in case you're interested in stealing our sh!t*... but I should call you out and say you're an @sshat* for even thinking that)

*Trying to minimize the swears... 

In order to finance this trip I'm saving $100/month until then. Which if my calculations are correct I should have about 5k to spend on this vacation. See future kids - saving DOES pay off!

Now if only I could get myself back on the study German fast track! Dutch is close to German right? I mean, Deutsch/Dutch? Common!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bumpin' bitches

26 Weeks 1 Day
Quick update, thought I'd post ye olde bump photo.

Less than 100 days til my due date! I can't wait to meet our little guy!!!