Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Gig!

First things first.


It's a reservation coordinator position at Transportation Services at Iowa State. I'm so thrilled for this opportunity to actually show my skills as a leader and get a whole new list of responsibilities! I start on July 11th. The new position comes with a decent pay bump and it's technically a pay grade higher so it's a promotion booyah!

It honestly is bittersweet leaving the College of Business but I think a little more sweet than bitter to be honest. I'm really ready to make a change and the day to day at the CoB has been getting a little repetitive.

Songs currently in my head:Graduation (Friends Forever) - cuz when you're leaving a job you get graduation goggles (credit: HIMYM)
I'm just kidding... everyone was awesome!
  • Don't You (Forget About Me) - HEY HEY HEY HEY! OOOOoooOOOOoooOOOOooooOOOooOOH
That fist, though.
I've got a lot of loose ends to wrap up here before I am officially out but I'm so excited!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Some Happiness

I'm not going to lie, there has been some incredibly sad stuff in the news lately. At this point, my heart can't take any more sadness and I'm cutting myself off from the news including facebook and reddit for 24 hours and we'll go from there. I don't mean to be insensitive but sometimes your heart can only take so much and I'm at the maximum capacity for sadness before I cry uncontrollably.

Sooooo this blog is a happy update with photos! We could all use a little cheer, right?

This week my mom came to help watch the kiddos for a few days which was really fun! Nolan and Maxwell stayed home with her on Tuesday/Wednesday. Nolan got a little haircut (photos forthcoming) and Maxwell is just working on regrowing his bald patch.

It's been hot, this kid is sweaty 

Nolan is naked in this photo. 

Smiles Davis

Trying to eat his fist!

The only photo I got from this week (the above were from the week prior)

Some more happy news... I get to see Christian this weekend! It'll be for like 3 seconds, but I still get to see him which makes me happy! Maxwell and I are driving to Iowa City to spend the morning with C while he's in between weddings (a Friday and Saturday night wedding - YIKES). It'll be my goal to take a lot of photos while we're all together. I decided to keep Nolan behind because it'll be a lot of driving for one day. I think Maxwell will handle it ok because he can (hopefully) fall asleep on the car ride.

Monday starts our nanny! I'm THRILLED but I'll be bleeding money for a while as nannies are way more expensive than what I'm used to. But I hope to get her familiar with how to drive my car so she can take the kiddos around while I'm at work. We'll see how that works out though.

In case you were wondering if I'm still annoyed with daycare. Yes, I am. They are sloppy and disorganized and I'm tired of them spelling Nolan's name wrong and calling Maxwell "Maxy"

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

N.I.P. Badass


Isn't it great that the acronym also spells "nip" so you can doubly make people uncomfortable just talking about it?

I have to say that my boobs freaking rock. This is my personal opinion and even though they're not in the same state that they were in my 20's they're soooo much more useful now. My baby has, thus far, been like 99% breastfed with ye olde bewbs. They just make milk! That's freaking amazing! I don't have to worry about bottles and sanitizing and making sure that things are a safe temp... all that is taken care of by my body.

Disclaimer: FED is best. I'm super happy breastfeeding, but everyone should feel like a rockstar whether they breastfeed/formula feed whatever. As long as you're not giving your kid margaritas, I think we're cool

It's literally the 2nd coolest thing my body has ever done. The first coolest thing is a tie for making N&M.

Freaking amazing.

But I wanted to give a shout out to the people at the park the other day that gave no f*cks about me nursing openly.

I got to wear my new dress out and about, too. The dress that I don't have to lift over my head to feed a baby with. Yes, I had to do this in a bathroom with Nolan once. Yes, I fed in a bathroom and the only thing I felt bad about was that the line was extremely long for the guests... but I didn't have a nursing friendly dress and there were NO other rooms available. So yeah. The people waiting in line forever probably thought I had some #gastrointestinaldistress

Do hashtags work in blogger yet? Shout out to Survivor Stephen Fishback if so.

I've got 2 weddings this summer, back to back, which this dress will get some mileage on. I got it in an indigo color. Check it:

I love the "high/low" aspect of it. Makes it fun yet casual. Going to be fun to dance in it! I'll be wearing cute heels for the wedding, but I want to get some casual, non flip flop, sandals so I can wear it to work.

But anyways, when I was done at the park instead of a squeaky/squaky baby, I had this baby:
While at the park Nolan was forced out of the baby swings and onto the big kid swings and he took the change well! He's still being pushed. We'll work on him swinging on his own when he gets a a little bigger.

In case you were wondering, we weren't sharing a hat. I bought that one for Nolan last summer when we went to the Twins/Cubs game in Minneapolis.

See, I told you guys I could do a positive update! There is so much good that's going on in my life I need to focus on that. Sometimes it's just easier to write about the stuff that's bothering me.

Monday, June 6, 2016

I'm havin' a bad bad day

Warning: Long blog, very ranty, I won't be offended if you skip it.

Well, it's been more of a bad 2-3 weeks really... I'm fine at the moment but I've been on an emotional roller coaster now since May 26th.

On May 25th -
I am picking up Maxwell from daycare. The "teacher" asks me about adding formula to each bottle as Maxwell tends to cry after he's done with the bottle.

Let's back up.

On a good day I can pump 12 ounces at work. Then if I stay up til 10 (2.5 hours after Maxwell goes to bed) I can pump anywhere between 2-4 ounces more.

So when daycare was whining a few weeks back about how the 12 ounces I was giving Maxwell to drink per day wasn't cutting it I gave them 14 ounces. 4-3.5 ounce bottles. So I'm literally giving them all I got. And on the weekends I've never needed to supplement.

I get this feed report for the day:
Let's analyze the afternoon, shall we?

Between 1:00 and 3:15 (a total of 135 minutes or 2 hours 15 minutes however you prefer to look at it) my baby was given 9.5 ounces of milk.

Any lactation consultant/parenting expert/google search will tell you about 1-1.5 ounces/HOUR would be sufficient for a baby Maxwell's age. So they were OVERFEEDING MY BABY BIG TIME.

That night I thought about what I was going to do...

May 26th - The Drop Off
I drop Nolan off first and then go into Maxwell's room and... well...

I talk to the "teacher" about how much she's feeding Maxwell. I told her that 1.5 ounces/hour should be the goal and to try and sooth him in other ways. I also mentioned that he probably was tired and that's why he kept taking a bottle.

Then... Then.... THEN....

Oh my god.

I fully digest what I saw in the room when I first walked in. And I can't tell you how much I regret not having my phone in my pocket to take a picture of this... but there was a baby with a bottle propped in his mouth.

Not just propped.



With a goddamn blanket.


I CALMLY had to ask, "how are you feeding Maxwell, are you holding him while he's eating or is he on the floor?"

"He's usually laying on the floor"

Guys, my BABY probably had a bottle tied around his face too. The fact that I didn't set this woman on fire, but instead remained cool, is a testament to how bad the daycare situation is in my town. I NEED a place to take my kids. This is the only place in Ames that I could get into.


Ok, so I tell her "can you please start holding him while you're feeding him instead?"

She said ok like it was no big deal.

So I was ok with her answer and I left.

Guys, I didn't take the bottle out of that baby's mouth. The award for worst mom ever goes to... oh great... me.

As I'm driving out of the parking lot and I hit the first light I grabbed my phone. The owners surely need to know about this. I quickly google "propping a bottle"

So I'm validated. My feeling about the propped up bottle is now confirmed. I turned my phone to my contacts list and dialed the daycare center directly. The daughter of the owner answers and I pretty much have this conversation:

Me: Hi, so I just dropped Maxwell off in your infant room and I noticed that the "teacher" had a bottle propped in the baby's mouth and it honestly TERRIFIES me that you're doing this. Babies need to be held. When you're paying a premium for infant daycare they should get a little bit more than this. I feel like I'm dropping my children off at an orphanage with the level of human touch that propping a bottle gives.
Daycare: Woah, blah blah blah feigned concern that sounded genuine, the woman who gives us our license has told us that we shouldn't do that. I'll talk to her.
Me: Thank you.

I feel a sense of relief as I hang up. I honestly feel like she's taking my concern seriously.

But remember when I said that I didn't realize exactly how bad propping a bottle was? I mean, I knew it was bad... but  how bad was it really?

Let's take a horrifying walk down memory lane.

*la de dah, it's the day you're going to meet the infant daycare "teacher" you're starting care NEXT WEEK with Maxwell and you just want to make sure you've got your ducks in a row when you drop him off"
Me: blah blah blah, what do I need to bring?
"Teacher": Oh this and this and blah blah blah [meanwhile, she takes a blanket and twists it until it's a tight spiral and makes a "U" shape out of it and places it on a baby's chest while he's laying in a swing. She puts the bottle on the U and keeps talking to me]

Shakes head and zaps to present time.

HOLY FUCK. She propped a bottle right in front of me. I KNEW it was wrong at the time. I KNEW I should have said something but I didn't. I thought "well, I guess that a center has so many kids to adults, maybe they just do this so they can change diapers or whatever else the other babies need"

At least one other time in my memory do I remember seeing another baby with a propped bottle.

Three times.

Third time's a charm, I guess?

I get a call back from the daycare around 8:30am that morning. She tells me that they've removed that "teacher" from the room.

Ok, this is where I'm going to skip over the details because in the scheme of things the rest of what happened doesn't matter.

We're hiring a nanny. We've found a great college student who can work full time this summer for not much more than this daycare center was charging. It'll be tight, but we can make it work. But she can't start for two weeks.

Today I'm having a bad bad day because I don't know how to address this with the daycare at the moment. I officially need them for another 2 weeks as I don't have alternate care. I know they know I've been concerned about safety, and for good reason. I don't know how to tell them we're through. I kind of want to wait until the Friday when we're done and say "peace" but I also don't want to end on rough terms for some reason.

Ok, so if you made it through this blog I commend you... this was probably very hard to read and I'm sure you were yelling at me through your computer screen. Soooooo yeah...

I promise a more positive blog for my next one.