Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Oh My

Let's see, let's see... what have I done recently...?

Oh right!


The wedding day was quite the success!  As I recall (since the day was such a blur) I started off my morning getting my hair all fixed up and having makeup applied with my sisters, best friend and now my sister in law! 

My best friend and I, once all dolled up, went to grab lunch at Cafe Beaudelaire down the street from the church.

After lunch we went to the church where we got dressed and ready for pictures before the wedding!

It was such a perfect day!  Even with some snafus (such as a can of cherry coke exploding over the back of my dress just minutes before walking down the aisle) the day was perfect.  Perfect weather and perfect music, everyone dancing and having such a great time - with myself especially included! 

 After the wedding Brian, my HUSBAND, and I went to Cancun for our honeymoon!  It was a lot of fun (minus some terrible food and so-so service).  We spent a majority of our days out on the pool near the swim up bar.  I have some underwater cameras that I'm super excited to get developed, once I do I MUST remember to share them here.

When we weren't spending time at the pool we were

At Chichen Itza
Horseback Riding
And Parasailing!
I have to add that I daredevilishly brought my iPhone aboard the parasailing trip!  Check out this video:

Now we're both back to reality and just enjoying our time back in the Midwest! 

The Newlyweds!