Monday, September 26, 2011

First Day Summary!

Back to work in Iowa!  It was bittersweet going back to work, I really was getting into a nice routine of making dinner and keeping the house clean!  But now it's back to work.  So today I started my new job!  It was seriously challenging for sure... basically my job is to confirm that the information that is going to be on the loan signing documents is accurate based on the information pulled from, oh a bajillion other resources. 

I honestly can't even remember what I did today but it was a lot!  From start to finish we were jam packed with learning their MS DOS software, which is COMPLICATED.  I mean that with all seriousness.  The system is complicated with twists and turns which I'm going to need to take some time to learn. 

To end the day I went to my first kickboxing class in a long time.  One of my favorite parts of group fitness classes is the music.  I know I've heard this before (I think DW recommended it) but I wanted to share this song.
We did some hook punches to the "Touch my man again and I'ma **** you up" line, which I have to admit was kind of fun!

NOTE: If I have any boy readers, you WILL enjoy the video, I promise.

And for dinner I made some homemade pizza, which I like to call "Cheeszza" cuz I used 3 kinds of cheese (mozz, parm, and muenster).  It was yummy - but kind of disappointing because the crust wasn't really crispy.  WHAT DID I DO WRONG?

The husband is doing the dishes because I asked him to.  I love him.


Easley +

I recently left a job, which in retrospect was not too shabby with the exception of one very imperfect boss who we shall call (for the sake of anonymity) Voldemort.  I just wrote a whole blog about how much this person ticked me off and made my life miserable for 3 years when I was working with them. 

This person quit the Monday after my last day.  No 2 weeks notice, nothing.  That was her last day.

Isn't it ironic?

Well anyways, this morning I am starting my new job.  Let's just say this particular company has a type of wagon "a-coming down the street" and there may be something extra special just for me [MUSIC MAN REFERENCE].

So I'm going into this new job with an open mind and I'm going to honest to God give it a shot and be the best I can at it.  I am really excited about not working as an admin anymore.  Oh, SO excited not to be planning travel... to not have to mail stuff back and forth and meeting insane last minute deadlines.  I'm basically just hoping that this job has me challenged, and satisfied. 

Just the start of how great this job is gonna be is that despite my 45 minute commute, I found someone to drive with and he seems super fun!  He and his fiance just moved here from Virginia and are getting married in January.  It will be great to get to know another couple in Ames, not to mention the money I'll be saving on gas driving back and forth.  WHEW!  For the record, it was going to be about $200 a month plus all those miles on my new [to me] car. 

The husband is enjoying his new job.  This weekend we were actually able to relax and have some fun.  Yesterday we went to Best Buy and bought a new computer.  I'm using it right now and darnitall if I'm not plugged in whilst typing this very blog entry.  Just checked the battery life, looks like I have 4+ hours til it needs some juice!  Before actually buying the computer we went and got lunch at El Azteca, a mexican restaurant.  It was hard for me to stay away from the chips on the table but I did it.  Afterwards we went to Old Chicago and tried a few beers.  I had a Konig Ludwig Hefe Weisen Bier, husband had his favorite, Warsteiner Dunkel.  Then we picked out a beer for each other.  I picked out a japanese beer (the name has escaped me at the moment) and he ordered me a dos equis. 

More about my new computer!  I am gonna download THE SIMS and also ROSETTA STONE.  I'm gonna get my gamer on and my language on.  Special shout out to DW who sent me a copy of Rosetta Stone ITALIAN so I've got my hands full for language learning!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Great Onion Debate

Husband and I are at an impasse. 

He LOVES onions, whereas I wish they were banished from existence.

There unfortunately is no cure for his bad breath inducing addiction. 

Minus this flaw, I have a perfect husband.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Updates in my life!

Tomorrow morning State Farm is coming to my apartment to draw blood from me and the husband.  So for that reason I am not enjoying the Leinenkugel Oktoberfest Bier in my fridge at this very moment.  Tonight it's just the husband and me watching the Charlie Sheen Roast encore presentation.  YES!  Now that we've moved I don't have a DVR anymore and therefore didn't get to record it on Monday and watch it later. 

Speaking of which - once you go DVR you never go VCR again.  Does anyone use VHS tapes to record anymore?  Our new apartment has such amazing amenities such as FREE CABLE and as far as I'm concerned I don't care to call Mediacom to upgrade as I've had issues with cable companies in the past. 

This week I went to 2 workout classes at the gym.  A Group Power class and a Cardio Dance class.  I really enjoyed them both.  The Group Power because it's a resistance training class and an hour long but the way the class is structured you barely realize that an hour has passed since you're listening to good music and kind of/sort of making sure you're doing the moves correctly.  One intimidating factor is the push ups.  Whew, I don't know how to do those very well AT ALL!  I've lost a lot of strength since the wedding due to a lack of motivation (read: I've also gained weight which ticks me off) and I need to reset my goals and get back on track.  Of course I write this after having 2 helpings of Edy's Butterfinger ice cream.  HEAVENHELPME I can't resist it's peanut buttery temptations. 

The other class being a Cardio Dance party was unbelievably fun!  The moves really got me going and last night I had a dance off with another dude at a bar who was just so excited that he wasn't the only one dancing anymore we became best friends for about 10 minutes then about 5 other girls came up and I was like, "yeah - I started this dancing trend."  We all know that no one can get up and dance until SOMEONE ELSE is dancing.  Yeah, I was "someone else" last night and started the party.  YOU'RE WELCOME

Ugh, I was totally on track with writing something else that I thought would be blog worthy but the roast is starting and my brain has turned off. 


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gainfully Employed

It's been almost 3 weeks of unemployment since the husband and I moved back to Iowa from Chicago.  Daaaaaaang I've been busy! 

First of all, packing was a P.I.T.A. but unpacking wasn't too darn bad considering we moved into the biggest apartment I think I've ever seen.  We are living in Ames now in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 kitchen apartment.  We've already had friends/family over for a few weekends and it's just been soooo fun having an actual room to offer them to stay in (as opposed to couch only!).

Second of all, I've been searching for jobs - and to be honest in this economy I was super concerned.  Luckily I'm freaking awesome and just found out today that I got a job - pending background checks.  I wonder if this background check includes finding out that I worked at this company for like 3 weeks in 2007 and quit to move to chicago.  SHHHHHHH

So anyways, I'm being vague in this blog post because of the whole "pending background check" thing.  Not that I have anything to worry about - but I just kind of want that whole security badge clipped to my shirt before I start going nuts about this job.  It does sound like a really interesting position - it's NOT doing administrative work which I'm thankful for.  I'm actually going to be working on mortgage processing.  CLOSING THEM, not selling them.  That's important to note here.  So to be freaking honest, I'm kind of excited, but a little bit kicking myself for "burning" a bridge back in 2007 when I quit all the sudden during training to move to Chicago.  Hmmm I changed my name since then, will they know?  I'm gonna say yes.

BUT the thing is that this is a contract job and not a straight to hire job with the company.  

I'm definitely going to miss my current job which is being a stay at home wife.  OMG it is pretty fantastic.  To sound super close minded and snobby - I had no idea that there was so much work to do when you're a stay at home wife.  Seriously.  I have been exhausted after at least 8 hours of working, cleaning, laundry (oops told the husband I was gonna do some for him today but then I had an interview and got a job - guess he'll have to get used to doing his own laundry), dishes, cooking, organizing, working out (hells yes, I'm working out again!).

It's been pretty sweet having the "honey, I'm home" scenario daily for the husband.  Speaking of which, tonight I made enchiladas.  Yesterday was shake-n-bake chicken and mashed potatoes with a garden salad starter.  Don'tcha want to marry me?

Oh btw, I made chocolate chip cookies today.  MMMMMMMM