Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Rude Awakening

Well, that seals the deal.

Definitely getting an epidural.


I woke up with a Charlie Horse this morning. A CHARLIE HORSE. And the pain was unreal.

And no, I don't mean I casually woke up and through the course of events the charlie horse happened... the pain literally shook me from a restful sleep to me panicking and reaching for my husband who had already woken up and was downstairs.

 photo wolvering_zps27f7e7bc.gif
Yeah, this is pretty much how it happened.
Side note: How hot is Hugh Jackman in this scene?
"Baaaaaaaaaby! BAAAAAAAAABY!!!!" I screamed to him.

He runs upstairs, nervous that something worse is going on. Given my screams, I don't blame him for being scared.

In my most pathetic voice ever I push out the words, "I have a charlie horse... WHAT. DO. I. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????"

The pain lasted at least a minute, which doesn't seem like that long, but since the pain was so intense time slowed down. I felt like I was being cut open or something. Terrible pain.

My husband, a physical therapist, told me to flex my feet forward.

More pain ensues. Flexing your foot is not a natural instinct. The pain from flexing made the charlie horse even worse. "Ouchhhhh" I squeak out. My husband just goes, "Yeah, I know... it hurts," in a very calming way.

Shortly after the pain subsided.

And then I got up and got ready for my day. An hour before my alarm normally goes off.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Happs

I have to say, it is not THAT hard to be the sober one in a crowd of 30-some people. It's actually quite entertaining!

This weekend I went to Chicago to celebrate St. Patty's with some friends. Of course this is something I look forward to each and every year, and even though I wasn't going to drink - I wasn't going to just NOT GO!

My thought is that I want to get out and spend time with my friends before my life changes completely with our little baby! So don't be surprised if you get an email from me in the next week or so asking to hang out :)

Basically the long and short of being the sober one means that it's kind of awkward in the beginning when you really want to drink with everyone to loosen up - but you know you can't. You kind of feel excluded when everyone gathers to take a shot of something disgusting. Of course the positive is that you remember everything. Meaning you remember EVERYTHING. Every funny thing that someone says that splits your side with laughter, you remember the next day.

When your friend's husband uses the mailbox as a crutch to lean on while puking after giving him a ride home. You remember.

When your friend spills Mike & Ikes all over the dining room. You remember.

You get the idea.

Of course, I needed a little St. Patty's paraphernalia to fit in with the drunken crowd (so I'll be accepted as one of their own), including an out of place penis necklace.
Shirt says "My BAC is 0.BABY"
 Prior to spending the day not drinking - a group of us were out and about downtown Chicago. Since the weather was crappy we didn't get much outdoor time, but we did have fun!

Here's the hubs and myself taking one of my famous self portraits with The Bean! 
Pregnancy wise - everything is going along great! I had an appointment with my midwife just yesterday and she commented that my baby bump is "perfect." I can't hear that I'm perfect enough so I'm immortalizing those words here and now. The heartbeat is in the 140's and he was hiccuping during the doppler! I couldn't hear the hiccup sounds she was referring to, but I trust she knows what she's listening to.

My next prenatal appointment is 4 weeks from now and I'm taking the GESTATIONAL DIABETES test. Haller at flat fanta!
Fanta Fanta Don't You Want A?
Don't you wanta?
And then I guess they're testing a bunch of other medical stuff which is too boring (read: I can't remember what things they are testing for) to put in this blog.

After the 28 week appointment (holy crap, I'm going to be 28 weeks along then!) I'll be bumped up to appointments every 2 weeks.

Here's a bump shot for you - my adoring fans :)
23 weeks 6 days - and dear god, please ignore the derpy face I make in these selfies...  I put the camera in front of me for a reason hehe

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snarkiness that actually makes me laugh!

So apparently I'm starting to visibly show. I'm taking that to mean that you can tell at this point that I'm pregnant and not just overly ambitious at the sundae bar. First of all - this is awesome, second of all - No bump update today (yet anyways) because my husband had to leave for work really early today so a quality photo hasn't been taken - and I'm not sure I'll even have time for a bathroom selfie today.
Screw it - I took a bathroom selfie. 22w1d

Today and tomorrow are going to be busy so I'm going to make this short.

As most of you know, or have inferred, I work at a University. I spend most of my day safely in the confines of an office which only the coolest students see. But of course, I share a bathroom and other common areas with the general student population.

Let's just say I know a judgmental eye when I see one. So this morning when I was walking from the loading dock to the elevator and came across a group of 8 or so girls I noticed one or two of them looking at me. This is not usual. I am really awesome. People think I'm like a movie star or something... this is just a fact.
But this was a different look, the look at your friend while smirking and make a gesture with your eyes back at me look.
I'm not gonna lie, I think I look ok today. Like full face of makeup ok. I even used foundation and shit. My hair is straightened and I even had to thank prental vitamins this morning for making my nails look amaze.

So, the smirk kinda meant "take a look at HER" - at least that's how I interpreted it.

I came upstairs and asked my coworker, "Do I look weird today?"

Her response was that now that I'm showing - she thinks people might start seeing me - a young/awesome person - with a baby bump. And of course make the obvious draw that I'm some 20-something who's in trouble.

Ok, ok. I'm fine if people think that I'm young and still in college but pregnant.

But to those girls and their snarky smirks...

 photo 1or2fingers_zpsed609a1a.gif