Monday, August 30, 2010

Trying Something New

Ok, so I think I've told you guys about Groupon before, an amazing website that you should be a part of if you're near one of the cities that they host.

About a month ago I purchased a Groupon for "intense pulse light hair removal" so I don't know if that means laser removal or whatever... The cost was $150 bucks for like $900 worth of sessions. I've been thinking about this for a while so I was sold! Anyways, I FINALLY got a call to set up my first appointment. I'm so excited!!

Since this is obviously a discounted item the only allowed for certain areas to be taken care of, my selection is my underarms (others were upper lip, chin, bikini, and men's hair line). Not to be disgusting but that's just a part of my body where there should never be hair and I hate shaving there daily. So my first appointment is still 4 weeks away but I'm really excited to let you guys know how this goes!!

What I know right now is that there is a series of 6 treatments, with 4-6 weeks in between treatments. The reason for multiple treatments is because hair grows in cycles and the light can only permanently destroy hair follicles that are in the active growth cycle. Most patients see 80-90% reduction in hair after all 6 sessions. I'm hoping that I'm more like 100 but we'll see!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bikes vs. Brides

Today I bought a BIKE! The first one I've had in years. Let me tell you, in college I took my bike everywhere! Every single class, I biked. When I worked at Target, I biked. I love to bike recreationally but haven't had the chance to bike since I moved to Chicago.

For the record, I will probably spend LESS on my wedding gown than I did on my bike today. And I'm totally ok with that!

Don't adjust your eyes...

That's right, I'm sitting here in my bed at 5 am on a SATURDAY writing this. Yikes.

To take you a few weeks back I saw the movie Inception, the quick synopsis is that there are people that can enter your dreams and manipulate what your dream is all about. I definitely recommend the movie, but I'm almost positive it's been making me more aware of my BIZARRE dreams.

Well I just had a "bridemare"... or a "nightmarriage"... or just a stupid nightmare involving my wedding. This is the 2nd completely different dream I've had involving something really nutso involving my wedding. Saying in my dreams that things didn't go as planned would very much imply that I actually have planned everything for the wedding, but that isn't the case.

It was our wedding day, I was standing up at the alter looking at our officiant. It was a woman, heavy-set, maybe 50-some years old. She was giving her sermon but she kept mispronouncing things over and over again, for instance she said Piccasso like "Pick-aye-so" and we started to hear snickering in the audience (read: family and friends). I was mortified by this because no one wants people laughing at your wedding unless I do or say something incredibly funny ON PURPOSE! So we are reading our vows and I guess part of that mean that we would get ice cream cones to "enjoy" while doing so. Some sadist gave me a chocolate one that kept dripping on my dress! Well this was all happening while people were snickering and so finally the officiant calls out to everyone in the office, as if they're children in a classroom, that it's not a funny situation and they should try doing it (or something to that effect). Then the woman proceeds to turn to me and start bitching about everything. I literally said "Lady, I don't care, just move on with it!"

And then I woke up.

Please, stop your tears, I know that this dream was very moving and scary that the effect may have transferred even via blog post. Or rather you understand that it was just a dream, a stupid one at that, and you wonder why I am still awake at this hour instead of lying peacefully cuddling my favorite soft pillow?

Well my heart was POUNDING when I woke up!

Almost as much as the dream I had last week which was probably much bigger of a nightmare.

Since the dream was a few nights ago the details have faded but... I woke up in my dream next to my fiance! Well I had to RUN out of there so he didn't see me on our wedding day. So I'm out getting ready, hair, nails whatever you do on your wedding day and I go check out the reception hall. Turns out they put tables and chairs in the CHURCH, like actually where the pews are and the Crucifix and all! So basically my reception was going to be in a CHURCH with Jesus staring down at us the whole time. I kind of got the vibe that having this type of presence would be a major buzzkill and people would basically leave because it feels so wrong to get drunk and dance in a church. If you want a clearer picture, it was at Holy Family in MC (assuming you've been there), but kind of a hybrid with St. Joseph, all wooden but apparently they had some sort of balcony you could go to also.

Also, I realized in the process of things that I didn't even pick out a pair of shoes to wear or buy a garter. So I either asked my Maid of Honor or was going to go myself, not quite clear on that because right around then was when I woke up!

Fwew. Feels good to write out your dreams. Now in few years I can look back on this and totally laugh at how much of a fuss I was making while subconscious!

I know I have a few readers (probably most of you actually) that are married, did you ever have these wedding nightmares? Can I call them Bridemares or does that seem stupid?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where did I put that wagon again?

So I'm falling off the wagon - sort of. After getting engaged I decided it was a good idea to call it a quits with my WW membership ($40/month) and my gym membership ($80/month). To be honest I was kind of getting sick of going to WW meetings and my gym doesn't have any classes so the expenses were a little too high to keep up considering we have to buy dinner for like 230 people in 11 months! Not that I'm complaining!

To be honest AGAIN I'm kinda sick of writing about this stuff soley on my blog because when I'm not always perfect it's not exactly fun to confess to my 3 readers haha. Anyways, this will morph into a mashup of wedding planning/working out! If you can't tell, I haven't really found my blog voice yet.

Anyways, so many people are asking about our plans and I am excited to announce that we picked a date, location, DJ and now we're in the works with picking our photographer!

So far we've been bleeding money with these deposits and what not, I must say, I'm very VERY fortunate to be marrying someone with the good sense of not spending every nickel like I do. I currently am paying what I can on my student loans and paying credit cards every month (by the way I'm 100% credit card debt free, I just pay off what I use that month! HUGE ACHIEVEMENT!).

I'm really excited for my wedding, last night though I had a dream-mare (that's my word for a dream that goes bad but doesn't really fall into the nightmare category) that my whole wedding just came and went but I didn't get to hear any toasts! So I decided that I need to make a list of things that I definitely need to happen at my wedding:

-Hear toasts from Maid of Honor, Best Man and SIBLINGS (this means you R) if they want to give one
-Dance to Cotton Eyed Joe
-Dance with my mommy! (tear if I don't!)
-Make by brother pay up to the $5 bet we made when I was in 8th grade about whether or not I'd play "My Heart Will Go On" at my wedding (shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don't think he reads this, it's gonna be a surprise!)

So yeah, that's about all that's going on right now... oh and I guess we kind of picked our colors, purple and silver! If you don't like it, well who cares!

Tonight I'm going to try to go for a run, last time I ran for approx. 1.8 miles according to my app runstar (it's on the droid, but you might get it on iPhone too). It's a free application that tracks where you're running with GPS and plays music with a "power up" song in case you need a little boost! It's really pretty sweet. I've set my goals to run 12.4 miles this month - that is totally achievable! And I'm gonna do it all outside! For resistance training I'm getting back into Pilates after years of not doing them. I can't wait til I can do the teaser without looking like a total goon!