Friday, June 29, 2012

Dedication to my dear friend, Erick Gene

I wish I could go back in time to when this picture was taken. It was a simpler time...
Later that night I let Erick draw on my tongue with the same green sharpie used for this tat
Oh 2007 Elizabeth... you have no idea how crazy your life is truly about to get!

Also, why didn't you get picked to be a model after this photo went public? It's crazy!

Thank you ERICK GENE for making my life funnier and more colorful than I could have ever made it on my own :) I lerve ya!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bite Watch: 2012

I went to the doctor yesterday and she confirmed that they are most likely bug bites and not some sort of hives. But the reaction to the bites is obviously more severe than what normal people get. So I was prescribed some STEROIDS.

Actually that picture is more accurate to how I feel when I DON'T have any meds to help me stop feeling the itch that those bites so urgently make me scratch.

So here's my drug cocktail for the past few days:
  • Oral Steroids (makes me awake)
  • Topical Steroids
  • Benadryl (makes me sleepy)
  • Sleeping pill (to knock me out so I don't feel like itching anything in the middle of the night!
I think the most helpful drug has been the benadryl. The topical steroid ointment doesn't really reduce the itch, but rather it reduces the swelling, which is what I think the oral steroid does as well. This morning those dots were looking more pink than red, and I'm happy to report that I didn't get the urge to scratch my bites all night!

Tip Of The Day... if you are like me and get up in the middle of the night to go the the bathroom, have a benedryl ready for you (if you have bites like mine, not if you're just having a normal day or something) and take it in the middle of the night. That way you still have some of the 'dryl in your system when you wake up and you're not as prone to the shock of the itching sensation again!
Am I the only one that misses these commercials?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hives or Mosquito Bites?

Lets play a game called count the dots.

I'm almost embarrassed to post this... Hairy legs... hives or mosquito bites, swollen pink feet :(

I'm not really sure if they're bug bites or if they're hives on my legs right now. I can confirm that they itch like crazy and that they appeared to start on my feet in the middle of Saturday night.

Yes, those are bites on my toes and some even travel to the bottom(ish) of my feet. This is unbelievable.

They LOOK like mosquito bites to me. Yes, they are really big, but I think my reaction to mosquitos is pretty much just like this... there are a few that look plenty bigger than they ought to be. But typically I do get those big poofy bites.

They are primarily on my knees and below with it's concentration on my feet. I woke up in the middle of the night scratching and scratching. The hubs just kept saying "you need to stop scratching them, they will get worse if you scratch them."

To which I replied with an elbow to his eye.

Just kidding. But I felt like doing that.

When you have an itchy skin irritation, you can't sleep... you can't focus... it's just freaking annoying!

I'm going to see the doctor in about an hour and a half and see what she can come up with. I'm hoping for some of the good stuff... it's getting a little unbearable right now!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Saving the Planet - One Book At A Time

It was about a month ago when I was asked to help clean out the office of a former faculty in my building. He left, literally, at least 100 textbooks for us to clean up.

First of all: What an @$$ for making someone else clean up after you.
Second of all: They were going to THROW THE BOOKS AWAY!

Since I'm a green, earth loving awesome person, I told them NOT to throw away the books and that I would hold onto them until the next semester's book drive. Quietly, I've offered to take on the books of faculty that are leaving... so my pile went from this:

Hidden neatly behind my file cabinet.
To this:
Close up... they look scary!
This is what my office looks like...
 So when people pass me by right now and ask me why I have so many books I'm just telling them, "I read a lot."

If I can't donate them, I'd like to have an in home library like in Beauty and the Beast. I think I'm about halfway there!

Like this, but without the stockholm syndrome.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Niche Markets


Switching gears from my touchy-feely posts which you have all known to grow and love...

I took a little walk down memory lane just now. At my previous job I worked with very unique niche markets:
  • Nuns
  • Firefighters/Policemen
The differences between the two weren't as big as you'd think. And I think it's important to share...

Firefighters/Policemen are typically men... like MEN-men. Drinking SCOTCH and WHISKEY and swearing up a storm. Telling stories that are so depraved that they make me blush! Nothing out of the ordinary here, just your stereotypical man.

Now before I worked at my last job I wouldn't have ever thought this... but nuns/sisters or whatever you call them... well they like to drink too. I'm serious. We would host large LARGE receptions annually for these women and they would certainly rack up a bar tab that rivals that of the firefighters and policemen. Nuns do drink scotch. Straight up. This happened. I saw it with my own two eyes.

But what really makes me chuckle is how much they'll eat dessert.

There is nothing wrong with a woman enjoying a little chocolate, or some sweets. But these women would pick up 3-4 servings of dessert. And it only recently occured to me that the reason for this is obvious.

Maybe this indulgence makes up for a lack of other indulgences...
Think about it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Support Forums (TMI Warning)

I had a great weekend in MN with the husband! He tells it all here on his blog.

It was great to get away for the weekend and have some time alone with the husband in a fun environment. We stayed at a fun hotel located right downtown so we didn't have to take cabs or anything, it was awesome to see downtown Minneapolis! I really liked the city, it was MUCH cleaner than Chicago!

We ended up leaving really early on Sunday morning and getting back home around 1:00! That was a miracle because typically we don't get home from long weekends until like 5:00!

All weekend long I was looking forward to participating in a gift exchange that is being started in the message board that I frequent. The theme of the gift exchange is summer/beach stuff. So I kept that in mind when I went shopping at IKEA this weekend! I didn't come up with much but I did find some stuff that I thought would be a fun summery gift for my lucky person who's name is yet to be drawn!

What I really enjoy about the message board that I frequent is constant support. I haven't seen anyone on there really "trolling" or anything. The board is sacred in that way, we are all in the same boat and no one is going to mess with us. Now that we're doing this gift exchange, I think it's going to bring me closer into this group of women who have gone through something extremely similar to what I've been through. None of our stories are exactly alike but it's great knowing that there is a community out there for me even if it is virtual.

Thinking back to ye olde times - there was a huge stigma on miscarriages. Women didn't talk about it, but sheltered their grief within themselves. There was a sense of decorum that needed to be upheld and people never discussed their feelings about miscarriages for whatever reason. Now I feel proud to be part of a time when I can share my feelings very publicly.

That being said, there are a lot of topics that I notice on some TTC blogs that discuss things that are definitely better left to a more anonymous forum. When the time comes to start actually trying again, I'm going to move that discussion to a different blog - one that you have to ask for the address!! Why? Well, here's a flavor of what some TTC blogs talk about and I wish to be able to be open about myself in my journey to a baby:
  • Ovulation charting
  • Talking about *whispers* vaginas (including the stuff that comes out of them!)
  • BD - That's message board speak for "baby dance" - I'll let you figure out what that means, mom.
Note to those that found my blog via a message board, I will update my signature with the new address. Or please feel free to email me for the address. I'm looking forward to being even more candid than I ever was before!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Different Concerns

It's funny how after you've suffered a loss your thoughts about pregnancy completely change. When I was pregnant, and even before then, I was concerned about a few things regarding labor and delivery of my future babies. They are hot button items in the news today regarding c-sections and episiotomies - both of which I was really against for myself.

Now that I think about it.

Those things aren't that bad.

I will do whatever it takes to have a healthy baby for future pregnancies.

I hate that I even felt negatively towards those things. I think, should I be so lucky to have a healthy pregnancy and the "take home baby", they can cut me limb from limb. Do it without pain killers. I don't care.

The pain I experienced during the first few days following my miscarriage was incredible. It wasn't just emotional pain but physical too. My jaw hurt from crying, my eyes were all puffy, but my heart-which had no actual damage-was breaking. That physical pain made me say, out loud, that there is no pain greater than this.

As someone who definitely entertained the thought of natural child-birth when I was pregnant - no seriously - I think the mere thought of losing my first child will put any actual physical pain into perspective if I decided to go natural for a future delivery. The pain I've been through the past few days has persisted much longer than whatever pain of a delivery is. And I imagine it will continue to last far longer than the recovery of a c-section.

This blog post isn't a declaration of what I plan to do in any future pregnancy but more of a note to self. Something to think about when I do get pregnant again about how I've felt right now, in this very moment, how the pain of pregnancy, the nausea, contractions, etc... how that is nothing in comparison to how I feel right now.

But what do I know?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Albert Clifford

Shared by a "bumper" on the boards today. Couldn't NOT share.


Yesterday I decided to paint my nails. And as I've done recently I've sort of chosen symbolic colors based on how I've felt or what I've been thinking. Yes, I know I'm so very deep. So today I reveal to you my first ever post of a manicure.

While you may be thinking "this can't possibly be her real hands," or "those hands look like that of a hand model!" I can certainly assure you that that is my left hand you're checking out there.

The "kids these days" seem to be doing a fun alternative look for fingernails. Anymore it's not the same color on each finger on both hands. What I've noticed, and what I've very much enjoyed, is the different colors on the ring finger, or my "bling-fing" as I like to call it.

Yesterday I did a "tape manicure" where I just put down tiny strips of scotch tape over an already painted/dried nail and shaped the letter "A" as a physical reminder of Adrian. It doesn't bring me any sadness to look at the letter on my nails or even to think about her right now. It's just nice to have a reminder.

Not that I could possibly forget.

Today was my follow up appointment following my D&C surgery. I have been deemed "healthy" and things appear to be getting back to normal. Unfortunately they're not doing a quantitative hCG test so I guess I'll just have to guess when my hCG count is back to 0 - probably by taking many pregnancy tests until I get a negative.

The doctor, who I would like to call Dr. Robot due to her warm and loving nature on the day of my surgery and the day I found out about the loss, said that I can wait 2-3 cycles and start to try again around then. She instructed me to listen to my body and if things feel normal then we can go ahead and start to try without having to come back into the office to get a green light from her.


There are few things more depressing than being a woman who has recently experienced a miscarriage than hanging around in an OBGYN clinic waiting room where pregnant woman after pregnant woman comes in with her adorable kids as if it's a freaking parade. In fact, I think that they realize that the waiting room isn't a nurturing environment for me because they called me back early.

The best thing I can do for myself right now is to remind myself that I don't know the story of how that woman got pregnant. For all I know she was TTC for 5 years and just finally got pregnant via IVF. Or maybe she has also suffered a loss herself and she has gone on to have a healthy pregnancy. Or maybe the teenager in the waiting room with her mother playing on her smart phone WANTED to get pregnant before she graduated from HS. Yeah, it's hard to not be jealous of the healthy pregnancies, but being jealous doesn't make my pregnancy come back.

I'm still focusing on the bright path. Working out. Chocolate. Reading stories about miscarriages. Talking to a counselor. Joining Support Groups. Getting the f*** out of town for a break.

On a side note: I have really enjoyed reading blogs that I've found via message boards of other women telling their stories. If you've found my blog via The Bump or some other way, please comment! And share your own blog, especially if you're going through the same things as me right now. If you'd rather email me your info, you can: - I look forward to getting to know you all better!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2 Weeks Since D&C

...Anyone who's had a D&C know's what that means...

It's unbelievable how different I feel now than I did 2 weeks ago. My outlook is becoming brighter which is great considering how unbelievably negative I was feeling. I'm talking really DARK feelings. I never want to go through another loss like that again but I remember those 1st few days after finding out about our miscarriage thinking that it would be impossible to feel happy again.

Today I found myself joking with my coworkers about how they taped shut my favorite stall in the bathroom. You know, the one that doesn't automatically flush if you scratch your arm let alone when you make a reach for the toilet paper. Ughhhhh #1stworldproblems.
I've actually found myself really adapting to the automatic flusher at work. Since I just flood my body with water all day long I make frequent trips to the restroom (when I leave I feel 100% rested). At home I barely move a muscle in fear that the toilet is going to go off. Then I remember, "I'm safe here." And then I feel free to roam about my cabin.

One of the processes after a miscarriage is the reducing of the hCG in your body. For my family and friends who aren't obsessed with TTC, hCG is the hormone in your body that would give you a positive result on a pregnancy test. It's also a chemical injection given to people who want to lose weight, a'la the hCG diet. This is a real thing. And I have to believe it works because there isn't a pregnant woman I've met that didn't LOSE WEIGHT during her PREGNANCY. [I believe the diet is a whopping 500 calories a day and you have to go in 2x/week for injections].

Anywhoo - As of Friday I still had an hCG count of around 100 in my body. The doctor didn't realize who anal I am, nor did he realize that I absolutely wanted to know the exact number and he didn't share it with me. Grrrr. I wish I knew the exact number but I suppose knowing it's in the 100's is a really good sign. The hormone hCG doubles in count every 2 days early in pregnancy til it gets to the 100,000's (and possibly MUCH more - I never got to this point though...)
UPDATE: I called the doc and my count on 6/1 was 103.5. And she told me the numbers don't go down from drinking more water or anything :( Poop.

Basically, I would still show a positive if I took a pregnancy test which is kind of depressing. I wish I could start over and just see one line instead of the hopeful faded 2nd line. If I drink tons and tons of water does the hCG get out of my system faster?

I wish I could be at the point where I'm given the all clear to TTC again, even though I know I'm not 100% healed emotionally... I still can't decide how I feel about TTC when I'm still grieving a loss.

The bottom line is that my husband and I were meant to have kids. We just bought a house and we're moving in a little over a month. It has 4 damn bedrooms. That house is going to get filled up one way or another. I'm hopeful that our next pregnancy will result in the ever illusive "take home baby" but terrified at the same time that I'll go through the same pain that I feel over again...
It's just not fair

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Patterns

Yesterday was a strange day. It was 2 weeks since I found out about the miscarriage but I think I managed to make it through the entire day without crying. The day was still really hard on me but I tried to make the best of it. I put in a full day of work and got a lot accomplished (which in itself is an accomplishment). After work I went to get acupuncture and got my back/neck aligned with a chiropractor. Finally I finished the day with a Group Power class, which is basically a resistance training class. I was super easy on myself and didn't put on a whole lot of weights but I'm still feeling it this morning!

At the end of the day I filled up my bathtub, complete with Bath and Body Works aromatherapy bubble bath (I want to say spearmint?) Then I crawled into the bath and successfully read the first story of 20 in the book "About What Was Lost"

I assume all of the stories will be very relevant to me in this time... the first story was about a woman over 40 who miscarried, she trusted her boss with what happened and he ended up telling the entire office. I could totally relate. Although she didn't get into what happened with him I definitely enjoyed reading her story and how she and her husband got through the loss and went on to have a healthy baby just a few short months later.

I think this could be a good pattern for me... fill up the tub and have quiet reading time. Allow myself to cry if necessary but also just reading about other people and their experiences and gain perspective on my own. I know I have a lot to be thankful for even though this time of my life is, excuse the language, pure shit.

This Thursday I have my follow up appointment from my D&C. I hope to get the "you're all healed up" schpeel. Regardless, the standard wait time for "trying" again is about 3 months after a procedure like that. Although I'm not 100% sure why... my only guess is they want to make sure you're extra super healed by the time you're carrying a baby. Garsh - well that makes sense...

PSA: Whenever I do get pregnant again, watch out. I'm likely to be about 150% more crazy you've ever seen me. I literally mean CRAZY... Like Gary Busey in Black Sheep crazy. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Weeks

It's been 2 weeks since we found out the news that our baby had no heartbeat. To say I've been on a rollercoaster of emotions since then would be a gross understatement. Even on my good days I still manage to cry... on my bad days - well that's definitely another story.

Up until this point I've found great comfort in going on miscarriage/loss message boards. Today, dealing with the loss is extremely difficult and it's hard to go on the boards to give support. I can't find the strength to go on the boards to offer my support. My heart is hurting and a piece of me is missing.

I wonder when this pain will cease, but at the same time having that pain is a reminder of what I had. Losing that pain would be like losing the memories. I'm sure there will be days when I don't cry... but it's hard not to right now.

This weekend I sat down and read cover to cover Heaven is for Real at the recommendation of a friend who also suffered from a loss. In the book there is a special moment where the boy tells the story of seeing the sister he never knew he had while in heaven... My skeptical heart wonders if heaven really is for real - there's a lot of terrible things that happen in this world. But I really hope that it is real and I hope that by some miracle I do get to go to heaven and see my little one some day.

As I read the book I started to cry at those parts... gosh I hope it is real.

On a completely random and possibly happy note: I've been watching a lot of SBTB lately - that's Saved by the Bell for you lay people. Reasoning? Well mostly because I know that on netflix I'm not going to be bothered by commercials depicting perfect families with adorable babies of course. And with the subject of sex never ever brought up, there's obviously no unplanned pregnancy episode of SBTB.

But what is with the continuity errors? Aside from any minor issues, but Zack and Lisa totally were dating in one episode and then no more mention of it! It almost destroyed Screech and Zack's friendship! All the sudden Zack was pining for Kelly again at prom - he even sabatoged her date with Matt to make him dump her on prom night! Yikes. That Zack Morris is really a douche.

This is my new favorite SBTB Final Season related website:

Tried to pull a fast one #ifonlyIhadabloginthe90'sIwouldhavewrittenaboutthisthen