Monday, February 25, 2013

A Couple of Firsts

Happy Monday (groan) to everyone!

I begrudgingly came into work this morning - I don't have a lunch packed so I improvised by throwing every fruit/vegetable I have into a bag. I suppose tomorrow my body may thank me...
Who does Number Two work for?
But despite that I kind of had an awesome, nay MONUMENTAL, milestone this weekend. It happened just last night before going to bed with the hubs. I noticed an unusually active baby boy as we were laying in bed and put the hub's hand on my stomach. Without thinking that he could actually feel anything, I think it's just nice having his hand on me when I know baby is moving. All the sudden my husband asked, "Was that you?"  *COMMENCE CRYING* "No that was the BABY!"

Within a few minutes our little baby boy kicked his father's hand one more time.

I think that the hubs was in disbelief - thinking that my abs tighten with every kick and that he felt MY reaction to baby.

One of the most amazing parts of my husband feeling the baby was knowing that when baby kicked me - he wasn't even giving me all he had. I've felt stronger. I was in disbelief that this half assed less strong kick came through to the outside. That someone besides ME felt the movement! What I love is that baby is only going to get stronger and more people can feel the kicks (if I give them permission that is...)

Another first today... I'm walking into my office after pouring myself some water. And someone asks, "Hey girl, are you showing yet?" Knowing full well that I AM showing - I play it down, "oh I don't know... " and kind of show off my mini-bump to her. "Oh yeah, you're showing" she says... as she proceeds to... dum dum dummmmmmmm... touch my belly.

It all happened so fast! One of my hands were compromised due to holding my water bottle and the other I believe pulled back my cardigan to show what some might misconstrue as one too many cookies... (Which btw, I totally made and enjoyed more than 2 people's share of cookies on Saturday)

An AMAZING congrats to MDHarrison for getting her BFP and totally making my day with her announcement on TB! Check out her blog! You definitely made my day!! I'm so happy for you!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Ok, seriously guys. This week went by quickly but the afternoon is just dragging ass for me...

Yesterday we got what was supposed to be a super storm and it ended up being weak sauce. Maybe like 5 inches of snow accumulated so when I woke up I got the hubs on shovel duty.

My back has been kuh-illing me lately! Like seriously. Every afternoon around the same time it's just a sudden pain in the same spot of my back so I'm just trying my best lately to deal with that pain. And maybe, hopefully, get some sympathy chores done by the husband... or just sympathy favors. Such as having him get me drinks when I'm watching TV.

Of course the hubs had a really interesting comment the other day regarding my back pain:

"I think I would be better at being pregnant because I have such a high pain tolerance!"

 photo Yeahok-1.gif

Thanks for the vote of confidence there hubs.

Let's just say I've seen when parts of him get hit and he doesn't act so tough...

Anyways - TFGIF everyone! I hope you all have some fun plans!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013