Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Can We Just Laugh?

I have been straight up exhausted today because of stress/anxiety that has been going on with my life which, for privacy reasons, I'm not really going to get into on facebook. No worries though, I think I have it figured out. But a consequence of being scatter brained and disorganized is a 2 hour anxiety filled MOTN wake up where you close your eyes and the anxiety just gets worse so you play pokemon go instead.

I digress.

Here's some stuff worth laughing at:

I bought some leggings the other day. They were supposed to be the chosen ones! They are black lularoe and in a way they were my own unicorn that I was waiting on buying because financially speaking, having 2 kids in daycare is a huge money suck. I finally feel comfortable splurging on myself and I bought a pair of leggings and was really excited for a versatile staple to my wardrobe when on the first wear I notice they're defective.

"Defective leggings?" you say. Yes. I don't know what causes it but holes just appeared everywhere in them. And when I went to the bathroom (we all do it so it's not TMI) I saw what appeared to be stars in the crotch of the leggings. But alas, they weren't stars, they were straight up HOLES in the crotch. First wear. And no, I didn't wash them yet because I wanted fresh softness against my skin.

So that stinks. What I'm really not enjoying right now is that, while the consultant is giving me a credit for new leggings, her shop isn't open right now and I wanted some freaking leggings NOW dammit. I'm also bracing myself for her charging me for shipping which I will straight up contest. This all in addition to the fact that I probably won't be able to get black again because A) I don't think she'll have them and B) I don't trust the quality she receives.

I'm sure you're all appreciative of the last 3 paragraphs about leggings.

In Halloween News:

Nolan has a costume to be a dinosaur and I believe he believes he's supposed to dress as a dinosaur but every time we've tried to get him in the costume he straight up flips out. But he doesn't have a problem with the new/used Buzz Lightyear costume we've already taken him to Halloween trick or treat activities in!

That's a kid who is excited for candy! 

How could I forget this big piece of news. Maxwell and I were in a parade on Sunday! Yes, Maxwell was IN a parade before he ever saw a parade. As you can see from my photographic evidence, he was thrilled and honored to be in this role. 

This was at the very beginning of the parade. I put the stroller umbrella over him for the duration of the parade and he was very quiet while I threw candy. 

Speaking of which, daycare freaking loves Maxwell. He is just the happiest baby of all time. Straight up. This kid rarely cries unless it's 7:00 and he's clearly ready for bed. He is a smiler and just all around pleasant. When we drop him off at daycare every morning we complete a sheet describing his mood and I've never had to put anything other than "happy" except when he's been up all night, but even then the daycare teachers always comment "he's SUCH a happy baby!" 

I might be biased, but I feel like he's an all time favorite for those teachers. I honestly felt like a teacher was trying to say those words without saying them because they shouldn't play favorites. Just yesterday when I dropped him off a teacher was like "he's just ALWAYS so HAPPY!" 

If you ever need a pick me up with the world's happiest baby, Maxwell is here for you.

Nolan's daycare report is also positive. He is in full on toddler mode so I don't really get the "world's happiest toddler" awards for him. But he was definitely a very happy baby. I was just too tired because he was also the worlds worst sleeper to see and appreciate it. 

He is friends with a boy named Luka who I always see him playing with when I pick him up. The funny thing is that I always notice Nolan is talking to the kids on the other side of the fence. I think these are older kids based on their playground equipment. 

The Salton family has enjoyed several volleyball games at this point. It's a really fun way for us all to experience Hilton magic without the congestion of Cyclone Basketball. Brian is definitely counting down the days until the first game. He got his tickets in the mail and I think he's really excited to drive up with his new license plates:

I'm an Iowa Stater. Always and forever. *winky face*

Monday, October 17, 2016

It Finally Happened

Nolan is a fully mobile toddler. It should come as no surprise that he is also an independent, free range, tantrum throwing, does what he shouldn't kid as well. He's awesome and for now I find what just happened cute.

He snuck downstairs when he was supposed to be in bed.

Yup, it's here! I no longer can trust that my toddler will stay in the confines of his bedroom when I leave the room. Unless I tether him there. Wait, I probably shouldn't do that. Should I? I dunno... I'll get back to you.

Anyways, the best/worst part of it was I was downstairs having my me time watching my grown up TV shows that simply wouldn't ever be on, even in the background, until he is MUCH older.

The Walking Dead - Series Recap

Basically, it was highlights from TWD's 6 seasons to prepare me for the season 7 premiere next week. Of course there wasn't a bunch of dialogue or them walking down a road.


They were being eaten by freaking zombies. Shooting people. Fighting. Etc.

It wasn't until I heard, "I'm scared," that I realized my little man was watching for who-knows-how-long before announcing himself and also scaring the bajeezus out of me.

I put him back to bed and we sprayed our water spray bottle for monsters around his room before bed. Yes, it's just a spray bottle filled with water that we can spray for monsters. I'm not sure if this legitimizes the monster fear or helps give him some peace.


He came downstairs 2 more times after that.

Monday, October 10, 2016

I didn't even recognize you!

Seriously, I just went on my blog and was like "I don't remember making a new banner for my page!"

For nostalgia's sake it currently looks like this:
It's Always Awesome on Easley Street

The pictures were taken from a photoshoot we did as a family this July and Maxwell's was from his 6 month photoshoot. Nolan's picture reminds me of Uncle Christian a lot! I think the outdoor lighting gave his hair a reddish hue.

I love my babies. I can't say it enough. They are the best thing I've ever done.

Tonight I have the privilege of picking them up from daycare. How much fun is that? If you pick your kids up from daycare, then you know why that's the best part of the day. I look forward to it like crazy. There's just a really cool feeling when you see your baby/toddler playing and having fun and then you say their name and they light up and start their way towards you!

Maxwell is a mover and a shaker now, completely mobile and starting to stand on his own for 3-4 seconds at a time. He CAN crawl up stairs but he doesn't often get the opportunity. I personally like to hold him with his little feet touching the stairs and then he "jumps" up the stairs by me lifting him from one stair to the next. He is a smiler. The picture above really captures his mood. This baby is always happy. Except when he's hungry or sleepy!

Nolan is really learning a ton. The other morning I heard him singing in his room. He was quietly singing the ABC's to himself. He also has learned how to find his "own phone" (my old phone from before that I let him play games on) after he's done with his nap so he can get some uninterrupted surprise egg video time. Potty training is going along a little better now that I've really coughed up some cash and bought the bribe toys of a lifetime. Fashems/Mashems - whatever you call it. He goes nuts over them.

Image result for mashems finding dory

I'm bribing him with a fashem for whenever he goes #2 in the toilet instead of his pants. Sorry future Nolan for when your significant other reads this. I mean to say, I'm bribing him for doing the dishes and vacuuming his bedroom... yeah, that's what I'm doing.

In other news. Brian and I are officially really into playing Pokemon. Alright, to be perfectly fair my obsession is waning a little, but it's still really fun to play. Brian and I will take turns going to campus after the kids are in bed to hunt 'mon and get more pokeballs.

Photo dump!

Maxwell's in his carrier, but it looks like I'm holding a potato sack that I put a hat on

Safe to say Nolan loved the pumpkin patch again!

A combine slide

We found it! "Orange" the pumpkin

I love these two. They are buddies through and through. 

Checked out a fire station over the weekend... you try taking a picture of a toddler eating a cookie and getting a smile

He met "Marshal" from Paw Patrol ;)

He's 8 months old now!

Nolan wanted in on the photo fun!