Monday, January 30, 2012


“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
Jim Rohn

Friday, January 27, 2012

How is a girl to get any work done

When it's so pretty outside!  The thick flakes make my inner child want to run outside and stick my tongue out to catch the biggest, fattest snowflake. 

The still picture doesn't capture it as well as seeing it in person... here's a video too.

If I had a dollar...

This is something no one talks about, but I find it to be super amusing.

I absolutely get a kick out of it when I enter the bathroom and notice that someone is in there... you don't hear anything though.  Just silence.  Their door is locked while other, vacant stalls, are open slightly.  You see their feet underneath the door to their stall.  You know what they WANT to do, but can't because there is a guest set of ears in the bathroom.  Yes, you know what I'm talking about.

No one wants to make that sound with others present!

We've all been there, you're just hoping/praying that you're in there alone so you can do your stuff and be on with your life.

This isn't a perfect world though is it?  Especially when often times you'll find bathrooms that have multiple stalls in a room that echo's with silence and sound.  I understand that financially it makes sense to throw a bunch of stalls into a room - but really it's so much nicer when you're at a place that you don't have to share walls with another.

One story I can say, that isn't too vulgar, is one time I had to go number 1 (yes, this is quite appropriate and accepted among many a'bathroom goer).  Us girls are used to hearing that sound.  Hell we all go in packs - well I don't usually, what is that about? I once had to pee for so long, that it actually sounded like it was an inappropriately long pee.  I cut myself off, mid-stream, because someone else was in the bathroom and I was for some reason worried about being judged FOR THAT!  Well, I walked across campus to another building and finished my business.

Nowadays, I don't give a crap (pun intended).

But speaking of restrooms and saving money - can someone please explain to me why this is a regular thing at bars?

The Double-Seater
We may never be fully free to "go" with others in the same room.  But dammit if I don't find it amusing whenever it's not me locked behind that stall.

NOTE: I am aware that I have some new readers/co-workers to my blog.  Is this TMI?

Monday, January 23, 2012


“The timing will never be perfect for you to pursue your dream, so you might as well start now.”
Chris Voss

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great weekend with FAB friends!

I should start off this post with a disclaimer.  I haven't been to Kosama since Thursday.  But I'm going back tonight.

So yeah - this weekend was a blasty blast.  Of course not all of it is appropriate for family to read so it's going to be the watered down version of the weekend.

Friday night my work had a holiday social, which included the campus improv group, Grandma Mojo's Moonshine Revival.  Long name, funny group.  Basically, after weeks of back and forth via email with the main contact we booked them and of course since all of our interaction was over email I introduced myself to the group when they arrived.  They were all really nice, very funny college kids.

Little known fact about me, I am a big fan of improv.  I wish I could do what they did but I can't.  Thinking on your feet and coming up with a ridiculously funny quip on the fly isn't what I was born to do.  That being said, I knew what I was getting myself into when I said the following line, "I always want to participate whenever I go to improv shows but NEVER get the nerve."  Guess who was picked for audience participation?

This is where I wish I had pictures.  I'm pretty certain no one took any... They were doing a game I've never heard of.  Basically, the audience comes up with an occupation, location and way to die.  The correct answers were Arizona, Accountant and Chainsaw.  My guesses were Golf Course, House Elf from Harry Potter, and Being Stabbed.  While it wasn't much of a success, I still had fun and definitely made an impact with the people in my office.  Now they know I'm quirky.

So later that night, the boyfriend of a girl I work with purchased a round of shots for our table.  Well, a friend/new-coworker of mine joked, "Are these all for me?".  He replied, "Yes".  And I believe her answer was, "I'll accept your challenge!" and proceeded to take 8 shots IN.A.ROW!  What is this, college?  Nah, even in college I would never do that.  Fortunately, word on the street is that she woke up hangover free (beyotch).

Friday NIGHT after that, we traveled down to DSM where we met up with Sara and Mike, or S&M for short.  We spent the rest of the evening at a dive bar where over $5 was put into the jukebox to play music throughout the evening.  The group of us returned to EGU's place for one final night there (he's moving this weekend) and watching some movie about aliens taking over the bodies of "three tarts".  I smell an oscar in the future.

Saturday morning, I woke my husband up after under 5 hours of sleep for the drive back up to Ames where I got my haircut (before/after pictures weren't taken - sorry!).  I got nearly 4 inches taken off and it was nice because my hair was getting ratty tatty.  Despite my best efforts, I doubt that I'll ever be able to grow my hair long enough to donate 10 inches to locks of love.

Saturday night was, how you say... a BLASTY BLAST.  After starting the night at a hotel, guest upon guest arrived, including 5-months pregnant-yet still freaking skinny Cathy comes (and graciously volunteers to be DD), my BROTHER was there, Jamie, Jessi, S&M, Karen, Miranda, Jen S., Erick and probably other people were there too.  Hey, we drank lots of fermented wheat - it's hard to keep track of everyone!

Unfortunately - I am still in need of a new camera.  I didn't take any pictures this weekend, but requested that those that did take pictures post theirs to facebook so that I may enhance my blog with multi media.

So, no pictures were taken at Miss Kittys.  Props were brought in honor of our birthday girl including a glowing wizard stick thing (not a wand) which I gleefully danced with alone on the dance floor when Baby Got Back played after about 30 minutes of country/line dancing music was over (I'm sure they were playing that music much longer, but we only had to endure 30 minutes).

The next morning - after about 2 hours of talking/starving waiting for people to get ready, me, brother and husband went to the Baker's Square.  Initially, we thought it would be packed with the church crowd, but were pleasantly surprised to find that we had our pick of the place.  They smartly threw us in the back, knowing that there would be 15 of us (it was only the three of us at first).  I instructed the front desk worker that "a lot of people in sweatpants will be coming, just direct them back to our table."  SMART.  Our crew gathered and recapped the night before and looked like models.


Birthday Girl!

Bro and husband
I look sleepy and a bit like the joker.

Action shot, Cathy is sneezing.

Someone buy me a new camera!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

Friday, January 13, 2012

Worst Thing Ever

Riddle:  What sound annoys everybody, but nobody else? 

Answer:  Your own voice!

I have to say that is probably the single worst thing about my job.  Let me back up... part of my job is to write the newsletters for the different departments of the college.  To ensure accuracy in my interview, and to potentially protect me from anyone who thinks that I'm some sort of Woodward or Bernstein (journalists I definitely admire - especially after watching Dick, starring Kirsten Dunst)

Seriously great movie - and it helped me a lot in my US History class in HS when we covered Watergate.
I just want to make sure I don't do something wrong ok?

Well, under my own instruction/idea/self hating, I record my interviews and play them back to myself while I type up a transcript of the conversation, which so far have been anywhere from 15-30 minutes.  So, when was the last time you listened to your own voice for that long? 

It's not just listening to my own voice that irritates me (do I really sound like that?), but it's listening to what I have to say.  I really hope that I learn to speak more elequently because quite frankly I sound like a freaking valley girl.  Judging by how I just used "freaking" in the last sentence, I have a long way to go before I start speaking like Mrs. Doubtfire.  (Mrs. Doubtfire is the only person I can think of at this moment that doesn't say Ummm all the time - also a sign that I have a long way to go - also a sign that it's on TV as I write this.)

Your homework:  Record yourself having a conversation with anyone and play it back, type it up and let me know if you don't think you sound like a freak.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yesterday I did my first kickboxing class ever.  I wrapped my hands up in gloves and stood nearby a punching bag that was about to take a beating.  I started off in a light stationary jog, bouncing back and forth until the first combo was instructed.
I pictured my old bosses face.  Oh - I pictured it. 

It was a good workout.  And I pity the fool that thinks that I can't Jab-Jab-Upper Cut-Knee Kick with the bestofem. 

Then I went home and did the 2nd step in my cake bite cupcakes and definitely did not eat any.*

*I am lying.


I gave my blog a facelift today.  I don't care what you say, I like it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Doll

And the Oscar goes to...

After learning the my nephew has a desire to act, an old hobby of mine resurfaced.  Making movies.  Using my niece and nephews as puppets in my little obsession I created this masterpiece.  It's the best movie you'll see all year. 


10 Mile Run

In May, I'm going to run the Soldier Field 10 Mile Race again. 

I use the word "race" sparingly in this case, because for me, I'm not competing.  In fact, I've never really been good at competing, at least physically.  But I am competing with myself.

Last year this was my finishing time:
My memory must have been a bit fuzzy when retelling my time to coworkers and friends that I said that I was doing this with... because I swear I got under a 10 minute mile.  But the chip time don't lie.

I am going to get my time UNDER a 10 minute mile at next year's race.  I was SOCLOSE here...

My plan before the race is obviously to run and get myself in shape, but as I mentioned in yesterday's post - I'm going to be doing a lot of cross training for the next 8 weeks and not as much running.  ACK I hate conflicts in my personal goals.  I want to get faster but I can't even try right now. 

My inner battle goes something like this:
"If you want to get faster, you be running until the race"
"Come on, you're doing cross training, you're getting in your cardio - it's not like general cardio and running are THAT different!"
"Of course they're different!  Do you get ready for a race by climbing stairs?"
"Well sure, that's cross training"
"You don't get what I'm saying!"

You're right, I don't.  And I'm becoming a little skitzo if that's really how my mind works, which if this is ever submitted into evidence that I'm insane, it totally doesn't work like that okaaaaaaaaaay.

But overall, I think getting fit and doing Kosama isn't going to HURT my chances of getting faster, but I'm just not as focused on running as I'd like to be to get under a 10 minute mile.  Kosama ends in March, and after that I'll have nearly 3 months to train for the race. 

Ok, personal battle - you may calm yourself.  3 months is a long time to train for a 10 mile race.  You're gonna be fine.  And you're gonna beat your goal!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

28 Years Later

I am 28!!!  My birthday was yesterday so I should have posted this then but strangely it just didn't FEEL like my birthday.  It was a relatively normal Monday and I went in to work and everyone was nice to me even though I didn't bring in treats hehe! 

After work, I had my first real workout at Kosama.  It was definitely fun!  The first day was plyometrics (jumping).  It was fun because the music was "dancey" so I felt like I was just the whitest girl at a party dancing her ass off.  Of course we did lunges and burpees (look that one up, they're dangeresque) but overall it was a great workout.

What you should know about Kosama:
-It's an 8 week, intensive workout course.
-You can go in up to 6 days a week
-They take a before/after picture (I work a blue bikini... that poor camera!!)
-The workouts include: Plyometrics, Upper Body, Lower Body, Kickboxing, Yoga, etc...
-There are people of all fitness levels, however I feel like people with advanced fitness skill tend to gravitate towards joining things like this. 
-Maybe over 50% of the class was "alumni" - people that have done the course before.
-They push protein intake, about 1 gram per pound of lean body mass
-They push upping your water intake big time
-They have you know and understand what your BMR is and why it's important to losing fat vs. muscle
-They have a scale that can break down your fat content vs water and lean muscle
-Your results are what you put into the class, and I plan on whooping my butt big time!

My goal:
-Ideally, I'm going to go to class 6x a week, but realistically I'd like to go at least 4x a week. 
-To prioritize working out over getting a drink with coworkers (or other social activities).
-If social activities may get in the way of my workouts, go to the class in the morning instead (ie, this Friday we're having a work holiday social after work and I am going to have to work out first thing in the AM)
-To have a visible difference in my body fat content as shown in the before/after photos
-To lose 10 pounds from my starting weight

Right now I'm wrestling with a dilemma - as you may remember, I tend to be a gym slut.  I go from gym to gym and I don't care who gets hurt.  I break hearts gym memberships like it's my bidness.  I think that says a lot about how I crave different activities all the damn time.  Part of me wonders if I should quit the regular gym membership (they won't let me put my membership on hold for 2 months while I do this unless I pay for a year up front) and just get in the habit of working out outside and alternating that with doing a Kosama course (8 weeks on, 8 weeks off).

Bottom line is that I feel what I'm doing for my body is going to help me more in the long run.  I want to be in shape and fit for the rest of my life and I feel that paying whatever it costs in gym memberships and workout clothes far beats the cost of prescription pills and surgeries in the future. 

Tonight is Upper Body!!! 

Did I mention that I'm really sore???

Monday, January 9, 2012


“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
Karen Lamb

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolution Season

Back to fitness, back to reality.

New Years Resolutions are a-flying and most typically include some sort of mention of weight loss, fitness, health aspect of ones life.  My resolutions have been made long before December... and they include dropping that freaking weight that I put on after my wedding dammit.  I am not lazy, I am a rock star runner/athlete that is not going anywhere.

They say that they typical newlywed puts on a few after their wedding and as I've already addressed... this is most definitely the case.  The more and more I talk about it the more and more I feel the urge to do something about it. 

Healthy Eating -
Snack on fruits instead of ice cream
Have dessert only once a week
Avoid carbs that aren't necessary (bread, crackers, etc) but be sure to include those good complex carbs from vegetables and fruits that help maintain a full feeling (sweet potatoes)

Exercise -
I joined Kosama, an 8 week program, similar to the better known Farrells which starts on Monday (Happy Birthday To Me)
Running - Complete the 10 Mile Soldier Field Run in May, as well as 3-4 other races (5k's an longer) before 2013
Get faster, race time should be UNDER 10 minute miles consistently

Measurable Goals - to lose 15-20 pounds this year, go down a pants size, and to run under a 10 minute mile

How - Listen to more fitness related podcasts and watch shows like the Biggest Loser (even though I know and you know that their lifestyle is unrealistic for me), attending Kosama 5 days/week, eating at least what my BMR recommends, but no more than 20% over (according to this calculator, it's just over 2000 calories a day)

Show me what you're working with - weigh myself regularly to mark progress, take pictures though out the process (every 5 pounds?)

I promise not to fall off the grid, folks...  That being said - Keep me accountable!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dream Job

I had a moment today when I just had to stop and say - what did I ever really do to get this amazing job?  I am honestly so excited and humbled that I'm working at Iowa State University.  I know that no job is perfect and every day there will be something that I don't want to do... but wow.

I plan parties conferences for a living.
Part of my work is being a journalist and producing a newsletter.
I promote the very school that I came from, work a few yards from the place I had my wedding reception, and just a few blocks from where I MET my husband
I have received 7 FREE tickets to ISU Basketball games this year
(That means that by attending these games, it's basically like I'm going to a work function, what work functions do you attend?)
I HEAR the campanile from my OFFICE!

I am so lucky.  I can't wait until I've really made my mark here at ISU.