Friday, August 5, 2016

Mental Pictures

Every once in a while there's just a time when you have to put down the camera and just make a mental memory instead of taking a physical photo. This is especially hard to do anymore since everyone is carrying a camera in their pockets at all times.

But since this is a blog it's hard to go too long without sharing a photo of my kiddos!

What a little ham!

In this picture Nolan was helping me take the grapes off the stems!  A chore I hate, but I do because I hate stems on grapes. He nailed it! And then played with the stems calling them Mommy, Daddy, and Nolan and having them play with one another. I love his imagination!

Anyways, the point of my story is to share a first of Maxwell's that I opted to take a mental photo of rather than a physical photo.

Maxwell's First Fruit (puree)

We've been slowly incorporating puree's into Maxwell's diet but really just starting with veggies because we all know that fruit is where it's at. Maxwell loves butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, pretty much everything except peas. He'll eat them with enthusiasm in that it's something different and that drinking 100% breastmilk was probably getting boring for him. He'd finish the purees with ease.

Yesterday was something else though. I gave Brian the go ahead to feed him a fruit as a bought a bunch at the store the other day. We had pears, mangoes, peaches, a couple of fruit/veggie combos etc. Well Brian selected peach for the first fruit and without any doubt in my mind I say it was a success.

The best part about watching him eat the peaches was how much he clearly wanted more and never wanted a break from the peaches. There was a shriek when the spoon wasn't in his mouth. A confused panic when Brian was cleaning off the peaches from around his mouth. He was leaning as far forward as he could to get his mouth to the spoon as soon as possible. And this adorable slurping sound as he sucked the puree off the spoon. Nary a drop of peach fell to his bib unless you count the bite I tried to give him and I clumsily dropped a blob in his lap.

It's moments like those that you just really can't capture with a photo. I could have took a video and that would have been great but it was just really wonderful to watch him and be in that moment with him and laugh while he shrieked and reached for the spoon.

I'm sure we'll get more of these kinds of reactions as he tries other fruits and foods too, but soon he'll get used to how awesome other foods taste and won't act the same towards them anymore. For now, I'm just smiling at the memory of how much he loved his peaches.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

6 Month Maxwell Man!

"Maxmaker Maxmaker make me a Max, find me a find, catch me a Max"

"I love my baby Max, baby Max, baby Max... give me my baby Max, baby Max, baby Max. CHILI'S BABY MAX RIBS.... Barbeque sauce"

Max-o-mill (instead of Maxwell, it's my way of calling him Maximilian)

All nicknames/songs for my little little man.

He is:

  • Putting all the things in his mouth (I need to vacuum) 
  • Pulling my hair when nursing, sometimes slapping me too
  • Waking up about once in the MOTN most nights
  • Smiles when he sees mama and dada
  • "Sings" and is finding his voice
  • Laughing at silly noises we make
  • Loves chewing on my phone... probably not good for the phone...
  • Sitting up for short periods of time unassisted
  • Army crawling

6 month appointment is this afternoon!!!