Monday, April 21, 2014

9 Months!!

We had our 9 month photo shoot for Nolan yesterday! Our little model was super sleepy but we still managed to get some awesome shots!

Our little guy is now doing a lot of babbling including saying mama and dada (and starting to distinguish who is who!!), clapping his hands, playing peekaboo, eating solids - like REAL solids including a french fry which he loved at the restaurant the other day.

He is starting to give me quite the scares though, eating solids/putting everything in his mouth has caused a few near choking experiences. Probably the worst of which was when he put a rubber band in his mouth when I wasn't looking. He started gagging on it and threw it up while I was waiting in line at the post office. OMG what a scare. 

My big boy is very nearly starting to walk and and loves cuddling on me during nap time. 

His hair is starting to get to the "should we cut it?" point. I've resolved that I won't cut his hair before one year old though. And then I need to OBVIOUSLY get a clip of hair for his baby book. 

Without further ado, here are some of the faves from yesterday! Sorry, I can't narrow it down any further. 

Grandparents: Rest assured, I'll get prints of these made. Let me know if you want any specific sizes!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Congratulations to...

Sara and Mike on their little baby girl Marlow!

I am so overwhelmed with emotions but maybe most of all... the thought that these girls each have a baby!

I am so excited to meet your baby girl in a little over a month!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

VEISHEA Riot... Again?

This morning I woke up and did my usual thing... check facebook while still in bed. Already there were posts from 3-4 people who commented that there was a riot in Ames last night during VEISHEA. 

My heart just sunk. It just means bad things. I feel so bad for the students who worked their butts off this year to make VEISHEA a fun and amazing experience that students get to have for free. It's open to everyone and there are so many things that are fun to do that don't include getting extremely drunk on a TUESDAY night and throwing glass beer bottles at police, flipping at least 2 cars, and knocking over a street lamp which "seriously injured" one student. 

I remember when the riot was happening in 2004, a friend received a text while we were having a semi-calm party in Frederiksen Court (FTR - I can still spell Frederiksen correctly without looking it up). I remember thinking that I wished I was there experiencing that. God, I was dumb. I don't know what the appeal was - just a bunch of kids partying that got out of hand taking it to the streets of Welch. 10 years later I am so glad I wasn't there, that I didn't get pepper sprayed, and that my future wasn't ruined. 

Now that we live in an age where everyone has a video camera in their pocket everyone needs to step up their game. Even when you're drunk you shouldn't act like this. You're going to be named by your friends or classmates and you're going to get in trouble. 

This morning I woke up to my baby safe in his crib. I was able to hold him and sooth him right away. He was none-the-wiser of the stupid events that happened last night. He was safe in my arms. I was able to hold him and know that he was 100% ok with the exception of being a little hungry. I feel for the parents of students right now... now they have to worry that even on a TUESDAY night they have to worry about their babies (who are now adults in college) because one thing leads to another and another freaking riot happens. I have a hard enough time sleeping when I know my baby is in the next room. 

Kids - just stop being stupid! Can you just please act mature. Don't ruin VEISHEA for everyone. 

While I sit at work with an extremely short attention span refreshing the Iowa State homepage looking for an update on the future of VEISHEA I just can't help but think about that poor student and his family. I hope he's ok, I hope that nothing long term happens to this young adult because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.