Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween is an interesting holiday.  First of all, it's one of those when you're a kid that you count down the days for.  You plan your costume and dream about candy for weeks in advance.  You ask all of your friends "what are you going to be for halloween?" and then one of your friends tells you they don't celebrate Halloween because it's the devil's holiday.  And then you move on to another friend that doesn't think dressing as snow white and begging for candy doesn't seems devilish. 

Then you grow up a little, you're in middle school/high school and you think that you're "too old" for halloween.  You omit doing anything for this holiday with the exception of a scary movie marathon.  Not Scary Movie with Anna Faris, but SCARY movies!  With deals like "5 Movies for 5 Days for 5 Dollars" [RIP Premiere Video] me and a friend went through almost every single scary movie that store had to offer.

Then you grow up some more.  And the holiday becomes "who can look the skankiest?"  Well obviously I win:

Garth and Kat

Can you tell the difference?

For those of you who aren't familiar, Garth and Kat are a hilarious singing duo that appear on Saturday Night Live's weekend update.  They are "prepared" for their appearance and sing songs that represent the holiday season. 

Of course when I wasn't standing near Garth, I looked suspiciously like a blond version of my mother. 

Our Halloween was so much fun!  We were invited to a house party (a friend of a friend of a friend style) and it was pretty much my heaven.  This party had everything, Karaoke, beer pong, flippy cup, tons of food (including guacamole and the chicken mixed with wing sauce and ranch dressing dip that I go nuts over), a haunted house, cave men, Michael Jackson, gypsies, Garth and Kat, two referrees - a blind one and a slutty one (guess which one my husband was), Pebbles, Bam Bam and Fred Flintstone, Rainbow Brite... and I forget what else! 

I thought it was great that the people that owned the house were so generous and provided beer and food and didn't even want to get money in return.  When the night came to a close, I thanked the party host by interrupting his conversation saying "I'ma let you finish, but this was the best Halloween party of all time!" 

What was everyone else for halloween!?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Things have changed!

Ok, so basically since my last post a whirlwind occured.  First of all, I'm no longer at that job I talked about!  WHAT?!

Ok so the short version of the story is this... I worked at Wells Fargo in 2007.  When I quit to move to Chicago I gave them 2 weeks notice.  I can't remember how I gave this notice (email or a letter) but basically my manager put into their system that I was "ineligible for rehire".  Seriously, FML right?  Anywhoozle.  I was no longer working there as of the 3rd day I was there.  Sooo flash forward about 4 weeks of being a stay at home wife, I am now working at another company.  This time IN AMES! 

Because that whole "ineligible for rehire" thing was such a buzzkill I'm gonna move on to the next subject.

This previous weekend was a bit of a blur.  Friends from all across the land came to ISU for tailgating/FAC/Old People Bar Crawl.  The bar lineup went a little something like this:

Cy's Roost
Lost & Found
Welch Ave Had a line
Peoples Headliners
Jimmy Johns (Club Lulu)
Cafe Beaudelaire *
Welch Ave (for a ride home from the bartender)

*Interesting note about Cafe Beaudelaire is that they have insanely strong, yet delicious, LONG ISLAND ICED TEAS.  Me, being the smarter of the group, ordered a beer instead of one of these contraptions.  The boys I was with (Husband and TNev1) decided to raise their glass to one of these deadly drinks.  If you drink more than 2, you should probably just go home to avoid getting arrested.  This ultimately ended in one of the best toasts I've ever heard in my life.

Me, Husband and TNev1 are raising our respective glasses to toast to our billionth bar of the night.
(Note: actual quotes are definitely inaccurate as this was the LAST bar of our stop)
ME: Let's raise our glasses
HUSBAND: Cheers!
TNev1: Well, see you tomorrow (takes a sip)

I absolutely loved that night because it totally played to my college experience.  Dancing on the stage at Peoples Headliners.  High Fiving the drunkest/whitest/worst dancer/ISU basketball player just after he got done dancing "the sprinkler" and "mowing the lawn".  SHOTS!  Running into about 9287 people you know randomly. 

Of course the next day we went to my 7 year old nephew's birthday party.  I got him "Just Dance 3".  Best Aunt Ever Award goes toooooooo..............  ME.  Well in my own head.  This kid is popular!  There were about 8 other kids there along with a bunch of adults.  This party had EVERYTHING (channeling Stefan from SNL weekend update)  Dog bone cake, kitten adoptions, raising your hand if you like macaroni and cheese.  It was an awesome day!

But let's back up here for a minute. 
You: Didn't you say you went out the night before?
Me: Yes
You: Were you tired?
Me: Well, I went to bed at 3.  The husband didn't go to bed until 6. 

****End Scene****