Friday, October 16, 2015

The Happenings

Photo dump blog!

We are moving Nolan into the guest room on the top floor and keeping his current room as the nursery. I wanted a fresh look for his new room so he picked out his own paint color (seriously) and we agreed to it! It's called Elf Shoe Green, it's like super duper green. Perfect for a kids room. I gave him a slightly damp with paint sponge to work with and he helped. 
Nolan "helping"
 Seattle Pictures!
Went to The Crab Pot, Rachael and Mom

Evan with the selfie stick

Had a dance party on the dock!

Our cupcake gender reveal at The Troll!

Nolan got to listen to some street music

Sitting on the pig at Pikes Market

Puzzle time at the house

Checking out the zoo!


On top of the space needle people were walking around the perimeter with harnesses... NOPE

Playing with Daddy!
 Christian's Wedding!
These are just a few photos from the evening. Long story short, I didn't take enough photos but I'm hoping to just piece the evening together with my memory and C's professional photographer. The night was so much fun! They had a bubble machine that went off semi-randomly and every time it did Nolan just screamed BUBBBBBLEEEEEEEEES!

Nolan was the ultimate stinker during the wedding itself where he wouldn't sit still and wanted to walk freely in the church. Even The Lego Movie couldn't keep him still. So I had to walk him out of the church during the reading of the vows when he promptly smacked me in the face as we were leaving.
Me and the groom, my lil bro!

Family Photo

Happy guy!

Couldn't get one with him smiling... so yeah

23ish weeks?

Don't worry, it's chocolate. 

My little daredevil!
 Pumpkin patch!
Petting the cow

Can't keep this kid still!

Little bouncy horse

24 week appointment, Nolan in attendance

Little farmer boy. It doesn't get more Iowa than this. 

With Daddy on the combine



Daddy, Nolan, and cows!

Exhausted on the way home he promptly fell asleep.  He's so stinkin' cute when he's sleepy!

Bought a fun toy... bath crayons!
25 Weeks!

Sit here, mama!

Ok, I'll sit down with you, you little cheese!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I'm officially 25 weeks now and unfortunately Brian and I are 100% at a loss for what to name our baby.

We're so completely split on the matter it's unreal. I have a few names I like (but don't love) and he keeps pressing on a few names that are ok (but I don't love). We're spinning our wheels!

This isn't an invite to start chiming in with your name options, because flying spaghetti monster knows I can't handle more cooks in this kitchen. But this is more of a post on how naming this child is proving to be quite difficult.

Our ground rules:
  • No "N" names - I come from a family where everyone was named with either a C or K name... and I don't like the matchy sounds... seriously: Carson, Karmin, Katie, Cooper, Kyhl, Connie, Kenny, Kevin, Kurt, Cary, Karl, Casey - and honestly I know there's more but I'm not going to rack my brain trying to remember them all... this is the biggest reason I have the hardest time remembering even my own cousin's names when I haven't seen them in a while. 
  • Name should be somewhat traditional - in both spelling and familiarity among the people
  • Name should not be in the top 50 of the popular baby names for 2014 (or any preliminary lists for 2015)
  • Name should be special for both of us and we need to agree on it. This is my Everest.
So Brian and I are having a constant struggle of naming our child. It was SO EASY when it came to naming Nolan. We knew before our anatomy scan, before we were even sure he was a boy, that we both loved the name "Nolan" for a boy. Now we're constantly thinking about it. We are listening extra hard to the names of the characters on TV, athletes, whatever we can get our hands on. 

Why is this so much harder this time around? 

Sunday, October 4, 2015


It's been darn near a month and I'm just now posting pictures about our ANATOMY SCAN! I haven't formally said anything on my blog about how great it all went!

Everything is healthy as you could ask for. Baby is measuring right on track for my due date and everything looks perfect! Perfect kidneys, heart, brain, bones, spine, no cleft palate, no sign of any other abnormalities at all. I'm so thankful that we're having another healthy baby. 

Of course baby was shy for a while with legs crossed and we weren't sure if we were even going to be able to tell what we were having. But eventually we finally got a good shot and we're having a BOY! Ultrasound pictures that prove this were removed because it's really weird to post baby "parts" on facebook. But Nolan is going to have a baby brother and we couldn't be more excited!

Yesterday with Nolan I went through his old clothes and sorted stuff that would work for a winter baby. Of course everything that I sorted through was so freaking adorable and I got excited for baby boy to wear it too - even just the short sleeved newborn stuff. I did buy some new stuff for the baby to keep him warm in the cold... I even bought just a few newborn things even though I'm fairly certain we'll have another 8+ pound baby who will quickly be in 3 month sized clothing before I know it.

So without further ado, here's pictures of our newest little man!