Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another good day!

Happy Saturday everyone!! I'm sure that you've had just as hard of a week as I have, but I'm sitting here watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall and thinking about all good stuff for myself I've done this week.

On Sunday (Valentines Day) I moved from Chicago to Palatine! It was a big move for me, obviously as I've lived in Chicago for 2.5 years and being a suburbanite wasn't too appealing for me, but I have to say after one week living here it's SO AWESOME! First of all I have a lot more space, and this is in a one bedroom, one bathroom with my boyfriend! I did love my old place though and I'll miss my old roommie!

Another thing is the convenience of having close access to a car most of the time. I haven't purchased a car for myself... yet. I'm trying to put off as long as possible because as we all know, car payments suck! Right now, being a one car household is working well for me. I just went grocery shopping and took my time there looking at the labels of the food I was picking out.

I guess I'm just trying to write some garbage before I tell you that I LOST 2.4 pounds this week, and I have officially lost 12.4 pounds total!!! I went to a different weight watcher meeting today in Buffalo Grove, it was a nice facility and there were a LOT of people there. I've gotta say, it's interesting for someone to try and change their lifestyle and become healthier when they reek of smoke, but I digress. I also switched meeting days from Thursday to Saturdays so you'll probably see some better blog posts than I've been posting recently.

Challenges from this week:
Moving and organizing my crap - I prioritized getting settled in to my new apartment which was a hard task. Although the place is kind of a mess right now, it's that "I'm so comfortable in my new surroundings that it doesn't matter that I haven't tidied up today" mess.

Burger King - Umm did you know that their tendercrisp chicken sandwich is 20 POINTS! I ordered one on valentines day with mi novio when we went on a very special valentines date ;) It was my idea, I was starving and wanted something fast, we were going to go to Portillo's and get hot dogs but on the way there the thought crept into my mind of what exactly hot dogs are made of. So I made a quick decision on getting this 800 calorie sandwich with over 40 grams of fat... In the future, if you want to save yourself 310 calories, get the tendergrill chicken sandwich. Such an easy fix, and honestly the crispiness of the chicken doesn't really make that big of a difference!

Flat Top Grill - I have to say this wasn't so much a challenge as it was a fun outing. Yesterday I went ICE SKATING for the first time with Jen and Brian. Afterwords we were planning on getting some Chicago deep dish pizza from Exchequer but ended up walking past a flat top grill, which is kind of like a HuHot. You select your mixings for a customized stir fry. I selected a bunch of veggies and noodles with chicken and black bean garlic sauce. Of course I didn't have my handy dandy measuring cups so I have no idea how many points this whole thing was but I budgeted for it throughout the day and had 15 points left over for dinner so I figured I was ok.

Anyways, I'm totally excited about my loss this week, I'm feeling awesome!!! I hope you're having a great weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I hate to start calling this easy but...

I couldn't believe it. You could have knocked me over with a feather. But after a long weekend with the boyfriend's family, going to cheesecake factory and a 3 year old's birthday party with cake and ice cream... I was actually quite literally at a loss [for words] as I am down 2.4 pounds for a total of 9.4 pounds in the last 3 weeks.

I plugged this info into the WW website and they pulled up a warning for me... Basically it said I was losing weight too fast. The recommended weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week and my current average is around 3.1/week. There are some serious side effects of too quick of weight loss. So let me tell you what I'm going to do differently:

I'm going to eat ALL of my points - if you're not familiar with the program there is a daily target that you're supposed to hit. Points are calculated based on the calories, fat grams and fiber grams. The formula is supposidly top secret but you can look it up if you google it. I get 23 points/day plus 35 points allowance for the week to "spend" as I wish. Since I started I've been reluctant to eat those extra points because I had this goal in mind and to me eating more doesn't seem to make that goal come any closer. You can also earn activity points which are calculated based on the intensity of the workout (which is pretty subjective if you ask me) and your weight. I definitely didn't eat my activity points... So there you have it, this is a major tweek .

I'm really excited about my progress so far!!! Thanks for reading and for your support (Rachael).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't have much time for this one...

Sorry I have been super busy this week!!! I meant to update on Thursday or by the weekend at least to give you my weigh in update. Don't worry, the delay doesn't mean it was bad news! I was down 1.8 pounds this week for a total of 7 pounds!!!! Wow, I'm very impressed with the program and definitely sticking to it.

My mantra is something to the tune of "every day you start over". I say this because we all have the tendency to just say **** it and just go crazy with the snacking. Since you already feel like you blew it, why not just eat more? Yikes, that's something that can't happen anymore!!!

Anyways, the reason I didn't get a chance to update was because I went to Omaha Friday morning and returned LATE Monday night. I went to visit the boyfriend's family for their "Christmas". As with any family occasion, the food was a'plenty. Luckily I had some healthier options like Chicken Tortilla soup (without the tortilla/rice that sometimes comes in that soup). I didn't really count points this weekend since I lost some of the control of making the food myself. BAD ELIZABETH. But I just weighed myself and I think I can say at least I didn't gain anything in the last week. Maintaining is just as important in this "game" as losing is. There will be those weeks that just don't go well, and there will also be incredible weeks that just seem to blow my mind (read my first blog about this).

So thanks for sticking with me! I have another weigh in tomorrow, I'm sort of nervous!!! I still have today to make a difference though, right?