Wednesday, March 22, 2017

In other news

You know when you buy food in bulk from the grocery store?

I decided to buy some farro - my new favorite grain - and saw it in the bulk food section. Hurray I said to myself.

Poured my farro into the bag, did the scale, printed the bar code and off to the register I went.

I did it, guys!
I made myself a delicious farro and stir fried veggies casserole thing with the recipe that I made up in my very own head. I ate it and it was delicious. A few days later I was like, "you know what? I still have some of that delicious farro. I'm going to make me up some more of that casserole that I had the other day because it was both delicious AND nutritious!"

LA DE DA - I'm going to the kitchen to make more food. Nothing bad will happen!
To prepare farro, you cook with 2 parts water or vegetable stock (vegetable stock/bouillon cubes is the way to go) and 1 part farro. Last time I poured 2 cups of farro into 4 pots boiling water and cooked that stuff right up.

How much farro do I have? I need to know this so I know how much water to boil?

I poured the remaining farro into a measuring cup and it was as if the lord blessed that bowl and said "you shall have exactly one cup for easy math to know how much water to boil"

And it was done. 
Well I have some time, I should start cutting my veggies.

What's this? Husband is calling? Well I should certainly answer.

"BLAH BLAH BLAH" says the husband
"Is that right?" says me, "hey's what's that?"

Oh gross, I saw a bug in the bowl. Must have flown from somewhere in the room to enjoy my nice bowl of farro. Understandable. I'll shoo it away.

What the mother fucking fuck is this?


My farro was INFESTED.

The insect is a granary weevil. My food was INFESTED. I could easily see 5 from looking at the bowl without much inspection. They were just crawling all around.


Check your bulk food before preparing it. ALWAYS.

Farro is still delicious, folks. I definitely recommend it. But just... make sure the bugs aren't with it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Adventure Weekend

This weekend I definitely wanted out of the house. After months of snow and cold I finally was greeted with some nice weather that happened to coincide with a weekend. We've had our blips here and there, but I feel like our spring weather might actually be here to stay.

When we first woke up Nolan was having his usual "let's stay home and watch videos" mentality. So I told him that we were going to go "on an adventure" and he perked right up. Now, admittedly, my idea before leaving was just to get this kid some new shoes because his old ones have seen better days. That's no way to start an adventure! So as we were driving I improvised that we would go to a new park that he'd never been to before. It's close by my house, but we just haven't swung by the place. It's a new playground for a nearby elementary school.

I parked in the teacher lot in front of the building and told Nolan we were going to explore, as if I hadn't known there's a park behind the building. It was really fun because as we were exploring he just lit up and said, "It's a PLAYGROUND" and he ran towards the equipment.

We played for about an hour, and according to my fitbit, I moved quite a bit too. I was playing on the stuff almost just as much as he was. The kids today have it AWESOME.

After literally swinging on every swing in the playground (one right after another) we went for lunch, just Nolan and myself, to The Cafe. For the first time ever I tried their famous mac and cheese and it was scrumtrulescent. Nolan and I shared the order as I figured it would be quite rich. The Cafe did a great job splitting our orders and giving him fresh fruit and yogurt too... which ended up being the only thing he really had.

photos never give the food credit for how tasty it is. 
 And because I'm a pushover, we also had cake for dessert.

We didn't finish the cake at the restaurant. Thank goodness!

We did finish off our adventure by going shoe shopping. He got some Nikes and I bought some sandals for Maxwell. With my "coups" the shoes were somewhat reasonably priced. For both pairs it was less than $50.

Side note: I'm a bit of a shoe snob for my kids. They're very often better dressed than I am.

After getting home and then taking a nap with Nolan. Literally snuggling with him while I napped too. I took Maxwell to the park (a different one).

I put him on the swing and that was a mistake. But then I tried him on the slide and I think I found a winner.

The next day as a family we went to the Des Moines Zoo and decided to become members. And because of their reciprocity program, we're now able to visit the Omaha Zoo for free as well as hundreds of other zoos around the country. The membership was a duel program with the local science museum so we can also go to science museums too INCLUDING the Field Museum in Chicago which is one of my favorite museums ever.

I ended the weekend with a 6 mile bike ride where I pulled a very sleepy Nolan in the very windy weather. Needless to say, I slept well Sunday night!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Time Travel

Dang, it's been a while since my last blog. Probably the longest in between blogs that I've had since starting this whole blogger thing. And a brief glance at my most recent blog tells me that a lot has happened since then.

First of all, I'm sleeping WAY better.


Maxwell was definitely having issues STTN until extremely recently. I don't know if he just grew out of it, or if it's because he had been in to his 1 year appt and they saw that he had an ear infection that I wasn't aware of. He was on cefdiner when he started to get a fever and we got a call to take him home from daycare. So I picked him up and got him into the doc that day and the pedi said that not only his ear infection wasn't going away after about 6 days on the antibiotics but he likely had RSV.

Side note: take your full course of antibiotics, people...

Anyways, they had to put him on a rocefin (sp?) injection regimen in order to really kick the ear infection's butt. But there's literally nothing they could do for the RSV. So I took a few days off of work AND THEN Nolan got sick. I would have thought it would be RSV but the pedi (a different one, our normal one is part time) thought it was the flu.

My poor babies!

So yeah, I was already on sleep deprivation but then added on two very sick kiddos made it really hard. Plus we took a ton of days off. Had my mom come up to help cover our butts to keep us from having to take an extra 2 days of sick leave to be with the kids.

Ultimately, when the rocefin ran it's course, I think it helped Maxwell sleep through the night which has been a real life saver.

But enough of the sick update (cuz I could go on and on) and here are some photos!

Friends reunited

Showing Maxwell around the butterfly wint

This is about as still of a photo as you'll get of him...

... unless he's sleeping with a balloon

Maxwell with Grandma!

Nolan with his famous positive demeanor and lunch of pb&j, cheese, and yogurt

Maxwell chill with his hair in a man bun

Maxwell digging into the cupboards

Siblings and cousins (meeting Logan the first time!)

These kids love each other!

Mr. Ham

Nolan having "so much fun"
I think Maxwell's officially a toddler and is now starting to express his dissatisfaction with whatever is just out of reach or when I don't give him food fast enough. He's also getting more verbal pointing at things asking "that?" [da?] requesting "baba" [baba] and "ball" [ba].

Nolan is really good friends with a few kids at daycare which is really fun to see. Just instant friends with one in particular. We had him and his family over to the house this weekend for pizza and play time. They got along until they didn't and then they were ticked. When they realized that it was almost time for them to leave then both kiddos started acting like besties again.

I'm also back on "project: me" wherein I put my health a priority. I suppose an update for that is in order but so far so good! I'm focusing more on how I feel and how I treat my body by the fuel (ie food) I put into it and making the 10,000 steps/day goal a reality.

But this is all I can literally write today. I can't seem to remember much or have any focus or direction other than the brief synopsis above :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Time To Cry

I haven't slept well in weeks.

Maxwell's been battling an ear infection and amoxicillin wasn't working after 5 days so we went to something else. Because his sleeping hasn't gotten any better after day 5 of Cefdinir I took him in to see if his ears weren't clearing up.

Thankfully they were all clear.

Please note, I'm extremely tired while writing this so I guarantee that it'll be confusing and jumbled.

Anyways, the doc says that Maxwell's ears were all clear which, even though he hasn't been sleeping, is good news. Of course, if it were due to an ear infection that was persisting - trying another medication would be the clear answer and a potential medical fix for his poor sleep. Being positive though, it means that he doesn't have an antibiotic resistant ear infection. And even more positive, it doesn't mean that we have to look into tubes or anything for his ears yet. I'm optimistic that we won't have to do tubes, but I was nervous that we might.

So last night, after getting the OK from the doctor, we let Maxwell cry it out. We went in about every 5-10 minutes to hold him just long enough to calm him down, put him back in the crib, pat his butt, and try to get him back to sleep. He was screaming from 11:40-2:00 easily.

Anyways, after Maxwell finally seems to be asleep we hear Nolan screaming at the top of his lungs and guess what? He's throwing up!

I can't catch a damn break with the kids being sick and never sleeping.

To anyone with multiples or with more than 2 kids...

Now would be a good time to invest in Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

I count myself extremely lucky that my kids are generally healthy and hopefully this is a blip on the radar. But when my kids are teenagers I'm going to enjoy waking them up to get them ready for school. MUAHAHAHHAHA

But right now I'm so tired that any little emotional thing will set me off. It's like the tears are just right there ready to fall and I just need the sad news article to send me into a spiral.

Also - this is my first post since the election and all I can say is FUCK TRUMP and the idiots that voted for him.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Can We Just Laugh?

I have been straight up exhausted today because of stress/anxiety that has been going on with my life which, for privacy reasons, I'm not really going to get into on facebook. No worries though, I think I have it figured out. But a consequence of being scatter brained and disorganized is a 2 hour anxiety filled MOTN wake up where you close your eyes and the anxiety just gets worse so you play pokemon go instead.

I digress.

Here's some stuff worth laughing at:

I bought some leggings the other day. They were supposed to be the chosen ones! They are black lularoe and in a way they were my own unicorn that I was waiting on buying because financially speaking, having 2 kids in daycare is a huge money suck. I finally feel comfortable splurging on myself and I bought a pair of leggings and was really excited for a versatile staple to my wardrobe when on the first wear I notice they're defective.

"Defective leggings?" you say. Yes. I don't know what causes it but holes just appeared everywhere in them. And when I went to the bathroom (we all do it so it's not TMI) I saw what appeared to be stars in the crotch of the leggings. But alas, they weren't stars, they were straight up HOLES in the crotch. First wear. And no, I didn't wash them yet because I wanted fresh softness against my skin.

So that stinks. What I'm really not enjoying right now is that, while the consultant is giving me a credit for new leggings, her shop isn't open right now and I wanted some freaking leggings NOW dammit. I'm also bracing myself for her charging me for shipping which I will straight up contest. This all in addition to the fact that I probably won't be able to get black again because A) I don't think she'll have them and B) I don't trust the quality she receives.

I'm sure you're all appreciative of the last 3 paragraphs about leggings.

In Halloween News:

Nolan has a costume to be a dinosaur and I believe he believes he's supposed to dress as a dinosaur but every time we've tried to get him in the costume he straight up flips out. But he doesn't have a problem with the new/used Buzz Lightyear costume we've already taken him to Halloween trick or treat activities in!

That's a kid who is excited for candy! 

How could I forget this big piece of news. Maxwell and I were in a parade on Sunday! Yes, Maxwell was IN a parade before he ever saw a parade. As you can see from my photographic evidence, he was thrilled and honored to be in this role. 

This was at the very beginning of the parade. I put the stroller umbrella over him for the duration of the parade and he was very quiet while I threw candy. 

Speaking of which, daycare freaking loves Maxwell. He is just the happiest baby of all time. Straight up. This kid rarely cries unless it's 7:00 and he's clearly ready for bed. He is a smiler and just all around pleasant. When we drop him off at daycare every morning we complete a sheet describing his mood and I've never had to put anything other than "happy" except when he's been up all night, but even then the daycare teachers always comment "he's SUCH a happy baby!" 

I might be biased, but I feel like he's an all time favorite for those teachers. I honestly felt like a teacher was trying to say those words without saying them because they shouldn't play favorites. Just yesterday when I dropped him off a teacher was like "he's just ALWAYS so HAPPY!" 

If you ever need a pick me up with the world's happiest baby, Maxwell is here for you.

Nolan's daycare report is also positive. He is in full on toddler mode so I don't really get the "world's happiest toddler" awards for him. But he was definitely a very happy baby. I was just too tired because he was also the worlds worst sleeper to see and appreciate it. 

He is friends with a boy named Luka who I always see him playing with when I pick him up. The funny thing is that I always notice Nolan is talking to the kids on the other side of the fence. I think these are older kids based on their playground equipment. 

The Salton family has enjoyed several volleyball games at this point. It's a really fun way for us all to experience Hilton magic without the congestion of Cyclone Basketball. Brian is definitely counting down the days until the first game. He got his tickets in the mail and I think he's really excited to drive up with his new license plates:

I'm an Iowa Stater. Always and forever. *winky face*