Friday, October 17, 2014

I need a break!

Hellooooo everyone!

Goodness gracious. It's been a long time, yes? 

It seems hard to come up with a blog post after so long especially when I've been so busy, but I feel like it's always good to give a few updates here and there, even if they're short ones.

Nolan is just growing and growing and it hardly seems possible to put all the big moments into a milestone, but here are some of my favorite things as of late:
  • Giving him a balloon last month - what a cheap toy and the fun reactions were so worth it! I bought it because I do event planning for my job and I had to go to a party store to talk about a big event we've got coming up. As something fun, I figured I'd bring Nolan home a balloon. It really was an afterthought that Brian told me that earlier that day Nolan had said "Up" for the first time! 

  • We went pumpkin picking the other day! I had no idea we'd have so much fun. We went on a whim knowing that we didn't have anything planned that day so it just made sense to go pick up a pumpkin. We did a TON while we were there including "swimming" in a corn pool (which is just a big space with literally tons of corn that you can play in - think a ball pit but with hard corn kernels)
Corn Pool - a lot of corn ended up in the diaper!

A fun tunnel!

Wind blowing in his face on the hay ride - despite appearances, he LOVED being on the hay ride!

We found our pumpkin! Yes, it's effing HUGE!
  • I still love those little feet!!! Sorry, but I just feel like sharing this... 
  • And finally, Nolan will eat just about any fruit you put in front of him! Jamie at daycare said that she gave them fruit pizzas (essentially a cookie with fruit on it) and he just ate the fruit off of it and leaving the cookie. HE IS NOT MY SON! (Soooo kidding, but seriously the kid looks nothing like me... if I didn't give birth to him you probably couldn't prove that he's mine LOL... at least Brian is confident)

Above everything else, it's been really fun buying clothes for Nolan. Getting winter stuff is kind of exciting! This year we'll have boots and mittens and coats and more! I'm trying to pull back and not buy more stuff for him even though all the outfits are so cute and fun. To try to be economical I bought 2T sized clothes which actually fit him but are really baggy. I just didn't want to buy 18 month sizes for winter stuff AND then to buy 2T stuff to get him through winter. So yeah, that's what I did.

We still have the cleaning service which we're kind of becoming less than pleased with. We're paying a lot to have her come in but we have to essentially clean the place up for her... I don't mind tidying stuff up but for what we're paying I kind of wish she'd organize my stuff. It's for this reason I wish I could afford a housekeeper. Maybe when I win the lottery.

Ok, peace out!