Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bick Two Werk

I'm going to start off with a brief update that daycare is not going that bad... although... I'm not loving the place that we're at. My biggest grief is that they misspell words (eg Catapiller) or... well just look.


"Hole" (as opposed to "whole")

I use the wrong there/they're/their and your/you're on occasion, but usually when I'm not thinking about it too hard. I'm sure there's boatloads of typos in my blog. I don't claim to be perfect, but these seem like you'd want to take extra care to write words correctly for a parent sheet.

The above report was the 2nd day of daycare, and the day after the poison milk debacle. The first two bottles were "reffused" most likely because he had such mistrust for the bottle at that point - I don't blame them at all for that! But yeah... the spelling issue.

Anyways, I actually have to get out of this place. The daycare situation is "good, not great" at best. I've had a few people asking me recently where they ask how I feel about the place and sadly I just can't recommend it. So I feel like a terrible mother who's just biding her time until her kiddos are accepted at one of the many other places that she has them on a waiting list.

I guess the big positive is that this is definitely a cheap center. But that's what you want for your kids, cheap daycare right?

The day before I went back to work I actually talked to someone about getting an au pair. I really love the idea of having someone from another country come live with us and help teach our kiddos another language. Brian hates the idea of anyone else living with us. I understand that but... but! I WANT ONE.

Currently, we're slated to join a different daycare in December/January (if enough people move their kids or whatever).

When I get home, it's extremely disheartening that I only have about 2 hours before it's bedtime. Not to mention, the 5:30-bedtime is about the crankiest time of the day for the kiddos because they're TIRED.

So yeah, I'm back at work and it's sad leaving my kiddos behind, but there's definite good things for the kids to being in daycare. I always ask Nolan if he had fun and he almost always says "yes" enthusiastically! I ask if he sang songs, and played outside, and colored and it's "Yes! Yes! Yes!" He also tells me he has friends there which is really important for a young kiddo.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Son of a mother fudge biscuit carp eating shitake mushrooms!


I was planning on posting a "my first day back at work" post before I'd ever have to post one about this.

I THINK I have a high lipase issue with my breastmilk.

What that means is there's an enzyme in my breastmilk that breaks down the milk, even at low temperature (read: frozen), that makes the milk essentially sour, rancid, soapy, or metallic.

I'd categorize mine as both sour and rancid.

Come with me while I tell you a tale of a mother of a newborn just trying to feed her baby and excited about making a freezer stash!

I haven't counted how many ounces I have saved, but it was more than enough to easily take out a couple of bags to make 4 4-ounce bottles to take to work yesterday. See, I took these photos thinking I'd make a great blog post out of them. MOTHER FRICKER.

I still am tripping over the bags I have in the freezer. At least 15-20 in there with about 2 ounces if not more in each bag.


16 ounces of liquid effing gold right there. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUdgeCK



[excuse me while I punch a hole in the wall]


Yesterday around 4:00pm, after doing relatively well at work, I got a call from daycare that my poor little man hadn't eaten ALL DAY. By the time she called he finally relented and drank 1.5 ounces of what can only be described as milky VOMIT. My poor baby must have been starving.

I'm so mad I didn't smell it when I thawed it. And before you ask, it was under 24 hours since the milk was thawed. And I sampled like 3 other bags to see if they also tasted rancid, and yes they do. THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Well, with the exception of a bag that I stored on 4-12-16. So maybe not ALL of my milk is bad but it may as well be. Mystery time!!! Why did my 4-12-16 bag taste fine? Had it not been frozen long enough for the enzyme to take over?

Before I go any further, I want to really drive home the point that I tasted it and realized it had gone bad yesterday around 6pm. I still taste it in the back of my throat right now.



So yeah... I'm going to have to pour out my milk for my homies, or I'm legitimately thinking of making soap with it.

RIP milk - Hardly knew ye

In memoriam 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blogging from the bath: let's make this quick

Two month Maxwell update in which I blog on my blogger app on my phone in the bathtub.

Maxwell, holy crap you're a great sleeper (knock on all the wood). With you I usually get a good 6-7 hour stretch of sleep before you wake me up for a feed.

[Imagine a gif of a standing ovation here... I don't have the wherewithal to insert one from my app]

This is bloody brilliant, I must say. With the rest I've been able to achieve with you I've been far more productive this maternity leave than I was with Nolan where I was in a constant zombie like trance from being awoken every 2-3 hours. This morning I made cinnamon banana muffins FROM SCRATCH and even included a few lactation helping ingredients... And didn't tell the hubs who tried them ;)

This is no offense to Nolan, you came to sleep in your own time.

Anyways, Maxwell just had his two month doctor appointment. We got him vaccinated per the standard vaccination schedule which included the rotavirus vaccine and the shots. Poor little thing... You weren't expecting the ouchies in your thighs! You screamed until there was no oxygen in your lungs and then you just went through the motions of screaming and your face turned burgundy. Thankfully the pain subsided quickly and you we're happy in my arms and asleep in your car seat before you knew it.

You are a smiling little flirt! You like to sick out your tongue when you smile and your chubby cheeks show off a dimple on your right cheek. Adorbs!

You're now 12#13oz and you have adorable rolls on your thighs and a double chin. This is totally acceptable and cute when you're an infant... If someone describes me the same I will cry.

I look at you and my heart overflows! I kiss those chubby cheeks constantly and play with your soft feet. I love getting you dressed and picking fun outfits, mostly hand me downs from your big brother (get used to that, sorry).

I'm starting to clear out my closet of maternity clothes and am selling them on eBay. So far I've made about $100 which in investing in non maternity wear for myself (my wardrobe needs a facelift).

In personal news, I'm becoming obsessed with figuring out storage in our house. Thinking about adding garage storage cabinets eventually among other organizational tools. I don't see myself as the mom who keeps all the toys from your childhoods, just the really special ones. As you kiddos grow up, we will clear that clutter to make room for the new toys you'll undoubtedly want!

I'm still in the tub and just going to submit without double checking for typos. Good luck figuring out any tricky sentences, but my apologies for making you do so.