Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I'm Looking Forward To

This is going to be an amazing summer! I am so excited for a few big things I have going on in the next few weeks... here's my exciting agenda:

Gum Wall - Near the market - March 2012
I'm going to visit my lil bro and his girlfriend for a few days! I'm so excited to do the underground tour, drink beer, go to a baseball game, and visit the sites of the city. Possibly even doing a 5k if we can find a fun one to do :)

Las Vegas:
May 2010
With some of the coolest people ever - I will be visiting Sin City again to celebrate our decent into being 30-somethings. Don't let the age fool you. I'm fairly confident that we'll all act like we're 18 at one point or another. Except this time we'll all get a good night's sleep on a bed instead of sleeping on the floor.

Nolan's First Birthday:
The plans for this are extremely TBD right now. As it stands, we'll probably just have a small celebration on his birthday and maybe get some grandparents down for a visit. Dates are still flying through the air since it seems like something or another is landing on all the free weekends in July!

Summer Hours:
This is a continuous thing - I HEART that my work is, by design, much slower in the summer. So therefore my workload is lighter and I get to have a condensed workday. This means that I get to pick Nolan up earlier during the summer and we get to play outside and get things done around the house after work instead of just quickly slipping into a coma after the workday comes to a close.

I have a lot of other smaller things I'm really excited about this summer, but they're kind of boring to anyone unless you're me. But HOORAY for summer!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Race Update!

One of the things I love about my husband is that he also blogs! Not sure if I've ever promoted his blog here, but I definitely recommend you check it out. Since he often times blogs about sports and stuff which goes over my head - I'll direct you to a particular entry that I think you'll get a kick out of since you like reading about Nolan... enjoy!

In other news - this weekend I ran a 10 mile race! I ended up hurting myself which totally sucks. I'm actually bummed that I can't run until it gets better. My ankle rolled at mile marker 9 but it didn't really hurt then. I don't know what exactly happened to make this hurt because I just went to the doc and got xrays and there was no visible break or fracture. So I'm just supposed to gimp along until it gets back to normal. Wah wahhhhhhh.

My goal for the 10 mile race was to finish at about a 12 minute/mile pace which I got really close to! I finished just over 2 hours, so probably 12:30 average pace. I blame the crazy blisters I got towards the end which slowed me down. Honestly, I was shocked I didn't have a shoe filled with blood.

If I learned anything about myself and this race is a) I can do it, and b) I don't know if I want to do it.

People that run marathons (*cough* Kristina *cough*) are nucking futz in my opinion. I'm glad those kinds of race exist though so that people that want to challenge themselves in that way can do so.

So I make a statement here and now. If I ever say that I'm going to run a marathon - all of you collectively get to pick the biggest and strongest person you know to punch me in the face until I relent and say that I'm not doing it.

I think 10 miles is definitely my race distance cap going forward. But look, we're so smiley to be done!!!

I would like to run this race again some day and make a 10 minute mile again like I did the first time I ran it... #bucketlist #maybenextyear #hashtag

You go right ahead and feel free to purchase the photos above using this link mkay. A single image is a STEAL at $24.95.

While I'm on the subject of race photos - why are there only ones of me at the finish? I know I saw them during the race because I totally hammed it up for them. Like if I was walking, I'd start running so they didn't take lame "look at this lazy piece who's walking" pictures.

Anyways, that's that! Wish my foot some luck as I rest it and hopefully can get back on running soon! Looks like the husband, SIL and BIL might be doing a beer and bagel run in November. I hear it's 7k. Far more reasonable than a 10 miler. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

10 Months!

It's impossible to believe that 10 months ago today I was in the hospital waiting to meet you. Seems like my pregnancy drug on and on. As a refresher, I was a constant worrier. I relied on my doppler to hear Nolan's heartbeat at least every other day if not more than once a day. Each day I was scared that something would happen.

Now that Nolan is here - and TEN months have flown by... I just am beside myself.

Sunday was Mother's Day and "Nolan" got me a gift certificate to get a facial! Thanks Nolan!!!
The day started off raining complete with thunder and lightening. I took Nolan into the garage (per my goal of having a tradition of watching the rain as a family together. We all were cozy in the garage in our sweats and covered with a blanket while the rain poured down outside. It was just so peaceful! Nolan was such a good little boy and sat still on my lap. Sometimes he gets restless and wants to move around and get into stuff he shouldn't which is especially scary in a garage!

Then we went to Vesuvius for pizza.  Here's Nolan eating his "crunchies" which he loves. They're essentially cheetos for babies.

 Mama and baby! Please excuse the non-showered, non-makeup'd look.

And here my little guy is getting his first real taste for pizza! I love this hoodie, it reminds me of Eminem's character in 8 mile when the hood is up. Makes me giggle. My baby is so gangsta!

Which brings us to today! My little guy is 10 months old!

At 10 months you can:
  1. Crawl with the speed of a scary spider that can run and hide really quick while you're grabbing a glass to cover it and then eventually flush it down the toilet. 
  2. Sit up in a grocery cart sans car seat (and not a moment too soon - we had to upgrade your seat to a convertible!)
  3. Drink from a sippy cup... KIND OF. You're working on it. But at least you understand the concept of what the cup is and why we're giving it to you.
  4. Climb up AND DOWN the staircase! We have a "spotter" in both cases though, especially if you're going down.
  5. When you get upset you arch your back and throw your head back and scream. That's not something to brag about but it certainly is different than when you were little!
  6. Give real hugs, like the "never let go" kind that make me feel really warm inside.
  7. Sit on my shoulders! While you hold my hair for support and I hold your legs... we can pretty much go anywhere (up & down stairs even!)
There is obviously much more you can do, but those are some highlights.

Gotta post the standard baby-in-the-bath picture which has kind of become my thing. You really enjoy your baths! When I pour water on your head you stand up as if to avoid the water that is rinsing your hair. You smile at me and then bounce a little. You sure are a fun little guy! Happy 10 month birthday! I can't believe how fast a year goes!!