Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Getting the hang of things

Having 2 kids in daycare has been an adjustment but it's not impossible. I'm still lukewarm about our current daycare center but we're on lists to go other places so for now it's ok. In fact, on Mother's day weekend Nolan had some plants to take home that he made - I guess as a gift for me? More likely it was just a fun activity to get their hands dirty!

My routine is like this:
5:40: Wake up, makeup/hair/brush teeth/breakfast - basically ME stuff
6:00: Wake up Nolan, cuddle with him because he's grumpy, and get him fed
6:20ish: Whenever Maxwell gets up I feed him and try to juggle other morning responsibilities around this, but if I have to wake him up I usually like to have him moving about 40 minutes before we need to get out the door.
6:40: Get kids dressed in daytime clothes
6:55: Get out the door
7:15: Drop kids off at daycare
7:30: Arrive at work

Then when I'm at work I pump 3-4 times a day in a stuffy/dusty closet room thing that really needs some TLC. I offered to help redesign the room to make it more inviting to anyone else that needs to use it. Right now I seem to be the only one though. It's right next to our faculty lounge where I keep the milk in the fridge and I keep my pump in a cabinet so no one messes with it. The lounge is locked but the lactation room only has a lock from the inside so I can't safely keep my pump in the lactation room.

Work has usually been slow in the summer but I have all sorts of projects that are keeping me busy.

I still am suffering from "brain melt syndrome" where I'm just too tired to really think of anything creative to write about.

Until we meet again. ;)