Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Mother Son Moment

There are some memories that you just know as the happen that you'll remember them forever. With Nolan, I feel like all these moments are such a blur that it's hard to remember each coo or cuddle.

Tonight, while it was raining I started a little tradition that I hope will last a lifetime. I sat with Nolan on a chair in the garage and just watched the rain fall and listen to the thunder.

I can't wait for the next storm so I can cuddle with this little guy...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

2 Months!

Yesterday was Nolan's 2 month "birthday"! And today marks his 9 week "birthday"

I wonder when I'll stop counting his age in terms of weeks.

Anyways, 'twas a pretty rough day yesterday for us Cyclone fans. I didn't watch the game. Admittedly, I can't watch sports for 2 reasons. The first reason is that I didn't grow up in a house watching sports and therefore I get lost when watching them. Me being lost means that I'm bored watching the game and I can't contribute to any conversation with people watching the game with me. The second reason, especially for Cyclone games, I'm always bummed out when they lose. And since I have no real vested interest in the game itself other than the outcome, I'd prefer to not watch.

There, I said it.

But I DO enjoy tailgating!

I took Nolan to his very first tailgate yesterday. It was HOT. He was doing just fine at the student lot despite the loud music. They do say that babies love loud environments because that's what they're used to when they're on the inside. The hot weather did cut my tailgating experience short unfortunately. I was paranoid the entire time that some exposed skin of Nolan's would get sunburned. I covered him with a blanket and a hat which as you can imagine didn't help with the whole heat thing.

Let's Go State!
Tomorrow is a whole new first for me and Nolan. We are getting a babysitter for a short period of time in the afternoon. I'm doing something for myself and I've hired someone to watch him. WISH ME LUCK. I have a feeling that I'm going to be nervous the entire time...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All The Things

My life is consumed by Nolan. It's so great!!

I know it's silly but it's hard to really put into words what's been going on recently.

I think the long and short of it is that my heart is overflowing. I sometimes look at Nolan and he'll start smiling at me and it just brings tears of happiness to my eyes. It's so hard to think of life without him. He's seriously just such a good boy!

Looking forward to the future, I have decided that we need to have semi-regular care for when me and Brian want to have date nights. So today for the first time ever I'm conducting an interview of sorts with a girl that I am hoping will be our babysitter! She's a sophomore in early childhood education so pretty much perfect. I hope that we can build a good relationship so that she'll be around for the next few years while Nolan grows up!

I'm meeting her today for coffee... it kind of feels like a blind date. I feel so nervous! What if she doesn't like me? What if I seem like an overbearing mother who can't leave her son without a novel of instruction to follow? Will Nolan like her? Will she be a good babysitter? How much do we pay her????

In all reality though, Nolan is a really good baby. He really doesn't cry much at all. As I look at him right now on his activity mat sucking on his pacifier he looks like he's just going to fall asleep. Those eyes are just open a sliver. Eventually he'll give in to the heaviness of his eyelids and close them completely. That's another one of my favorite things to watch him do. Just giving in to the sleepiness.

This last weekend Nolan met Christian and James! It was so much fun. We all went to Iowa City and my siblings were all there and he had his first 2 nights away from home. Previously he spent one night away from home at Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Eben's place.

Next week I am "looking forward to" Nolan getting his vaccinations. I say "looking forward to" because I know that they will help him boost his immune system and therefore be healthier overall. But I am NOT looking forward to him being in any sort of pain from injections.

Such a cute napper! If only he could do this without being held...

Visiting Great Aunt Lavonne

Loving his activity mat!

Killin' it at Tummy Time!

Our first restaurant outing with a waitress! (Hickory Park)

Napping with Uncle C!

Just playin'

Mini Brian and Regular Sized Brian

Mama having a little fun time without baby (Grandma Becky was watching him!)

Just looking super fly!

Looking at Daddy during Tummy Time!