Monday, July 30, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

What do we want? BEER!

For Brian's birthday in March I set him up to receive a beer of the month delivery. Or more accurately, a beer every other month for 3 months (it was cheaper and I felt like every other month would be sufficient)

Well we got our final package yesterday in the mail... but not before I went to the grocery store and picked up a case of miller lite and a sampler 12 pack of Sam Adams.


I'm so artsy with my iPhone
Ermahgerd! It's Instagrammed!
So now we officially have like 50 beers between the two of us. Yeah... It's going to be a cuh-razy weekend! Just kidding, I'm guessing those beers are going to last us at least a month.. but then again we have a new roommate for the next 2 weeks!

I can't find a picture of him without his face obscured in some manner. In other news, is that the same girl in every photo? Who is she, David, and when are you getting married?

I have a feeling the guy who paints his face for every cyclone football game will have no trouble drinking 50 beers in one weekend. I better hide it!

Tonight I'm getting my hair cut after work - it's basically the LAW that I must go out after a haircut/style. Otherwise I'm just wasting my awesomely gorgeous locks on my husband. This really is a community service event. A random act of kindness if you will. I'm helping people by looking awesome and getting my drink on.

Me leaving work today...

Monday, July 2, 2012

New House!!!

We move into our new house on the 13th! I'm very VERY excited because right now I live in box-ville, population 2. I figured that with this excitement I'll show you all what the new digs are going to look like!!!

Front of the house!

Living room, it's the room immediately to your left when you enter through the front

Another angle from the living room

Our kitchen!

Kitchen again!

Dining area

Formal dining area??? Not sure about that since there's carpet underneath... knowing me I'll spill whatever spagetti or wine I can find day 1 if we eat in here!!!

Master bedroom

Windows facing backyard in master bedroom - the door there is to the master bathroom


Master Bathroom

2nd Bedroom

3rd Bedroom

4th Bedroom

2nd Bathroom (there are 2 other half baths too)

TV room
We close on the 12th - so that's when the house officially becomes ours!!! I'm so excited that the house is super move in ready so we don't have any huge projects to work on right away.

Our Need To Buy List:
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Large grill for backyard (this is technically a want, but given that hubs is talking about how we need a grill ASAP it's going on the need list)
  • Kitchen Table (we currently use a card table with a tablecloth over it... it's worked out so far but we think we can upgrade)
MY want list:
  • Nice window treatments
  • An actual bedframe (instead of the metal one that comes with the mattress)
  • A nice modern looking dresser
  • More furniture for the upstairs living room (it will be a sitting area where me and my fancy guests drink spots of tea and/or beer bongs)
When we actually move in we'll post pictures of the house when it's all empty! Then you'll see a true before/after!!!