Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Welp, it's official. Our little boy is now climbing out of his crib. It's like second nature for him now. He's got this whole rhythm that makes it look like he's been doing it all his life.

He starts in the corner of the crib and puts his hands on the short end of the crib (the foot of the crib, if you will) and hoists his right leg up so that his little foot rests on top of the railing. Through pulling himself up with his hands he's able to get his other foot over the railing and he just pushes himself over until his feet are on the mattress from the outside of the crib. He dangles after grabbing the side railing for a second and then drops.

It was really impressive for me to watch because I think I saw him do it live for the first time he did it ever.

Silly mama, I was on the outside of the crib trying to lay down and pretend to be asleep so that he'd feel comforted by the fact that I was nearby. Nope. Clearly that was an invitation to scale the walls of the crib to freedom.

In response to this I've been on baby proofing duty to make his room as safe as possible for any overnight escapes. A quick google search gave me a few things that I needed to do:

  • Put covers over the windows so he can't climb out (his room is on the 2nd floor!)
  • Close his closet doors with a latch

  • Remove his end table (this one I did myself rather than at the suggestion of google)
  • And finally, anchor the crap outta his heavy dresser!

So my thing about anchoring my dresser is actually probably bordering on obsessive. The dresser I got for Nolan's room is heavy duty, legit wood, and solid. It spans the width of 4 studs in the wall and it's got an anchor for each and every stud. 

Of all the things I'm scared of, it's that dresser falling over on Nolan. I would never be able to forgive myself if that was something that hurt him ever. So it was extremely important that I get that thing anchored even moreso than it was before. I already had 2 anchors on it... now we're up to 4. Anything beyond that would be ridiculous... no - just kidding. 

Parts of me just wants to take the dresser out of his room entirely knowing that it's so heavy. My fear is that Nolan will use the dresser drawers as a step ladder to get up top and the weight distribution will be off and it would fall over. 


In a little less heavy news. We're doing some refreshing of our house! 
  • Painting our master bedroom
  • Getting the drywall fixed in our basement and repainting
  • Adding a shower or bath to our basement bathroom (still deciding on which one we'd like to do)
The previous owners did a great job painting our home, but the master bedroom is just this deep chocolate brown which totally makes all of our furniture in the bedroom sink into the walls. It looks a little dungeon-y if you ask me. 

Remind me to clean my room and take some before pictures so you can see the transformation later on. :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Walking Dead-Asleep

I think my little man is karma for my parents who had to put up with a little non-sleeper such as myself as a kid. I was told I had night terrors in which I woke up screaming bloody murder and couldn't get consoled by my parents.

Nolan is acting a fool in the middle of the night. It's been pretty consistent too. Between 1-2 am the little guy just starts fussing until it gets to full on screaming. The kind that makes it feel like your throat would hurt if you were doing it. I've also heard him banging his head on the side of the crib too which is concerning. 

In my sleepy haze, I didn't think that it could be teething pain, but it very well could be. So I'm going to give a little tylenol before bedtime to see if that helps at all.

But for the sake of nostalgia and being able to look back at these days with an honest memory, Nolan seems to only want me in the middle of the night. If I'm in eyesight he wants to keep me awake doing everything possible to make sleep uncomfortable for me.

You usually sleep on your stomach with your leg kicked out so you look like the number 4? 
If looking upside down it looks like a the number 4 in my opinion... none of my fonts have that "open top" 4 I'm looking for. 
Well Nolan sleeps right were my leg would be.

I can't very well sleep with my legs straight down so I try to sleep on my side. The opposite side that I would like to sleep on mind you.

So I'm contorting to positions that will please Nolan (that little stinker) while desperately trying to sleep. When sleeping on the bed isn't enough, he crawls on top of me and forces me to hold him on my torso while he "climbs" up my body with his feet kicking me in the stomach, constantly searching for a comfortable position. 

I get up, rock him in his room and just hope that he'll go back to sleep if I get him cozy in his own bed.

Nope, screaming repeats, as does the sleep contortion that is being in bed with a 19 month old. 

I know he only wants me because I asked Brian told hold him last night and the screaming was pretty much the same as when he was in the crib except this time reaching both hands for me. I swear it's like the kid thinks Brian wants to throw him to a pack of hungry wolves with the way he's screaming. 

I tell myself when I'm awake and at work (with coffee) that at least this is temporary and while it's not pleasant, I'll probably look back on this time too and remember how cute it was that he reached for me, was comforted by me, wanted to be close to me... 

But for now you can send me money for my coffee fund. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Brain

You know that feeling when you have a million things going on and it's Friday and you just don't care anymore?


So here we are. Headed into valentines weekend! What do you have going on? Me? Not so much, probably going to lay low and catch up on sleep because somebody *nolan* decided that screaming at the top of his lungs until we went in and picked him up and brought him into bed with us and while in bed he proceeded to claw me with his talons, crawl over my face, and give general unrest to all around him.

It's so hard to be upset with him though. I mean look at him!

He's the big kid!
So today is the first day of daycare out there for the new little baby in the swing there. Nolan is being a good friend and apparently keeps going up to him and waving! For a while he was the only boy in his daycare and now there's another brand new little baby boy!

A moment of silence for the mom who had to drop off her baby at daycare today. I think all working moms know that feeling in your heart when you had to do that for the first time...

Daycare is still going great! I did, however, put Nolan on a wait list for preschool for when he turns 3. EEK!

Oh, and did I mention that I enrolled Nolan in a toddler tumbling course AND more swimming lessons for this summer? I'm really excited to watch Nolan learn to do somersaults!

I'll leave you with that cute mental image for the day.