Monday, July 3, 2017

Growing Up!

My kiddos are getting so big!

Of course Maxwell transitioning from infant to full-fledged toddler (ie kind of a stinker) probably has the most updates so here goes:

  • He's starting to talk!
    • Bye Bye
    • More
    • Ball (anything with the I-State logo he also calls "ball")
    • Hat
    • Dog (and he thinks they say "moo" which is so adorable I almost don't want to correct him)
  • He knows where his body parts are when you ask
  • He LOVES playing peekaboo
  • He loves bathtime
  • He has favorite books that he brings us to read and sits on our laps
  • He's starting to eat a lot more "grown up" foods that we don't have to cut into as tiny of bites anymore... yes there is usually a cleanup involved
  • He loves snuggling before bed and wants his butt patted. When you're not patting his butt he'll swing his arm behind and start patting his own butt (so cute)
  • He loves playing outside, especially blowing bubbles and playing basketball
I'm sure there's more that I'm missing but that's the major stuff.

Nolan is:
  • Talking a lot more - there was a time where he was really still hard to understand but now I feel like I can really have a conversation with him
  • Loving going swimming
  • He loves playing with his water shooters in the backyard
  • He picks a new favorite toy about every few days or so that's his toy he sleeps with and then wonders where it is immediately when he wakes up
  • Doesn't mind going on errands and can usually be happy with whatever we're doing without needing to be bribed to behave with a movie (we never did that... *cough*)
We've been keeping really busy playing pokemon go (yes, really... yes, still) and going to parks and the pool or library whenever we can. We've also really enjoyed the farmer's market lately and the Blank Park Zoo etc. 

I'm recovering from strep throat. I have pictures if you want to lose your lunch. 

Anyways here's the cute pictures!
Hello, I'm a ham

Nolan and Maxwell with their Very Scary Monster named "Frank Toot Monster" - Our neighbor is a children's book author/illustrator which features his "Very Scary Monsters" pretty cool to have an author in the neighborhood!

Nolan feeding the parakeets 

Animal Crossing Sign - I took a picture because Nolan was scared that the mouth was suuuuper open. If you look at the loose feather on his neck you understand why. Pretty funny stuff. 

Twisted my arm and he got to go on a carousel ride

Maxwell letting a push pop melt while slowly licking it. I couldn't help eat it because I'm recovering from strep throat. WAAAAT