Thursday, August 10, 2017

Goal: Posting Once A Month

OMG Branson was so much fun!

Hard to even really capture everything in the photos but we were so busy! The highlights were:

  • Ride the Ducks
  • The fish hatchery
  • Talking Rocks Cave
  • Branson Mountain Coaster
  • Dixie Stampede
  • Fritz's Restaurant (KC)
Basically it was a non-stop vacation. When we weren't out doing museums/touristy things we were taking naps at the air bnb or swimming at the pool at the air bnb.

Pretty much my take home though is that my kids can survive on just rolls apparently even though we bought them food every time we went out they would only eat the fries or whatever carb was in front of them despite their request for chicken strips *coughNOLANcough*.

It all worked out though and we had leftovers to enjoy at the air bnb which, in my opinion, is the only way to travel anymore. The place was really nice with a king sized bed in one room and two twin beds in the other room. Unfortunately Maxwell wasn't the best sleeper in his pack and play and Brian and I divided and conquered the sleep arrangements by one of us in each room. Maxwell pretty much woke up each night and I just cuddled with him in the king size bed while Brian was slumming it in the twin beds.

One thing that surprised me was on the mountain coaster - which is literally a 1-2 person car that you ride up a hill and then gravity pulls you down the twisty coaster through the mountain - was a thrill for Nolan. I knew I wanted to ride this with him but I had no idea he'd be screaming "faster" instead of just screaming. 

Now the only problem is that I've been bitten with the vacation bug and can't wait to plan our next trip somewhere. Which I guess will be OKC for a family wedding. I'm sure we can find something to do while we're there :) 

In other news, we got some family photos done...

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  1. OHMYGAWD those family pictures are sooooo cute!! And how big are the boys?!?!??!

    (that mountain coaster looks AWESOME!)